Why it Doesn’t Matter if You Miss a Call on an iPhone 4

CUPERTINO - USA - Thousands of iPhone customers are discovering that missing a call on the new Apple gadget of the century is, actually, no big deal.

“If I miss a call on my iPhone it doesn’t matter, because it can’t make or receive calls anyway,” Junior Velasquez, an Apple fan who queued for three days to buy the new iPhone 4 last month told Wired magazine.

All over the world millions of iPhone 4 customers are revelling in the new iPhone 4’s inability to make or receive calls.

“Maybe this is the new thing. Like owning a phone that does not take calls or let you make a call. But hey, it’s got a lot of apps on it, so that makes up for the fact that you can’t get a signal on this totally expensive must-have gadget that has obviously been rushed out by Apple,” Mr Velasquez added.