Michael Jackson Museum to Display Prosthetic Nose

LOS ANGELES - USA - Amongst the famous white glove that the sadly deceased king of pop used to wear when fiddling with his young friends backstage, there will also be a display of the many prosthetic noses that Jackson had to use after his real nose had disintegrated many years ago.

The Michael Jackson Memorial museum which will open in the Neverland Ranch next year and will display many artifacts and pop related memorabilia relating to Jackson’s life is set to be a big hit with Jackson fans worldwide.

“We’ve got the famous white glove amongst many treasures; not many people know that Michael actually owned thirty identical left hand white gloves which he sometimes wore on both hands. We’re going to be showcasing Michael’s set of nose prosthetics as well as his collection of little boys underpants,” curator for the museum, Donald Fiend, told the LA Times newspaper.

Jackson who is set to be buried today, has come under scrutiny again in death as much as in life. According to the authorities in Los Angeles counties biohazard unit, there is a problem with burying any object in the earth that is not biodegradable. Michael Jackson’s body has been cited as a non-biodegradable plastic and would therefore not be very eco-friendly.

“After much discussion with our laboratory people, the burial was finally allowed to go ahead but only if the body was encased in concrete so that the toxic plastics do not leech out into the water table and contaminate water supplies. The state of California’s new eco-regulations have strict rules about burying toxic substances that may stay in the soil for hundreds of years. Michael Jackson’s burial ground will be classified as a toxic landfill site and therefore after having been sealed off completely has not contravened any statutes of Californian law with regards to the threat of poisoning the fragile eco-system,” Brent Maher, a Topsoil Toxicologist for the Santa Barbara Municipality said.


One of Jackson’s prosthetic noses is lovingly restored for the new museum exhibit

Michael Jackson will not be buried with his nose prosthetics which have instead been removed and will be one of the main attractions to the Jacko Museum in Neverland.

There are also plans to employ Jackson’s father as a tour guide for museum visitors.

“We’re going to employ his father to be the official guide in the museum. He will go around the great hall with a thick leather belt and show people how he used to discipline the little star if he got a dance move wrong or didn’t sing right. We are trying to get to the real Jackson experience, so if you don’t come out of the museum with some serious welts and belt marks across your back, then you can get your money back.”