Prince to Sue Own Shadow for Copyright Infringement

Minnie-me-apolis - MN - The artist formerly known as TAFKAP or Prince has ordered his attorneys to sue his own shadow for copyright infringement and for unlawfully impersonating the artist without paying royalties.

Prince’s shadow is being sued in a multi-million dollar lawsuit that may continue on for many decades.

Depending on the lighting, Prince’s shadow is not approved by the purple marvel’s dedicated troupe of Paisley Park copyright police and it seems this time his shadow’s number is finally up.

Prince’s shadow has been following him around since he was a tiny ‘lil’ toddler and has also followed him right up to his adulthood height of 2’5.

The ‘artist formerly known as and once was known to himself and others and is known now as TAFKAP or sometimes symbol’ is a musical genius and can play many instruments, including the ukulele.

Lawyers are to begin proceedings against Prince’s own shadow as early as next week. The shadow of Prince will then be ordered to either pay royalties backdated to Prince’s birth date or simply disappear. Prince has also brought in the services of the RIAA who will sue the offending shadow for copyright infringement as well.

Attorneys for Prince were working overnight drafting a proposal that will be filed at Minneapolis State Court in the morning.

Last week, Prince also sued his last remaining fan and ordered the lifelong fan to pay royalties for being a Prince fan – the ex-Prince fan now supports arch rival Michael Jackson instead.

Prince is also planning to sue his own sphincter but has disappeared so far up it that lawyers say this may be impossible to implement.