Prophet to Film Himself Getting Eaten Alive by Whale

NINEVEH - Iraq - The latest stunt from the Discovery channel is set to upstage the recent failed attempt of being eaten alive by a snake by some guy in a protective suit.


The Discovery channel is going to air live on TV a daredevil prophet from Israel, who goes by the name of Jonah, being eaten by a whale.

“Forget the snake, alligator and great white shark, this guy’s gonna get eaten alive by a frickin’ whale,” the man’s agent, God, told the Nineveh Times.

According to Jonah, he plans to stay inside the whale for three days and three nights, then accomplish a spectacular manoeuvre when he will be ejected out head first through the whale’s blow hole.

“I don’t need no special suits or gimmicks. Just me, a Gopro, a few candles and some latkes,” Jonah said from the stormy sea shore somewhere in the Mediterranean.