On My Phone From Phones4U to Order a Fiddle From Tesco

LONDON - England - The Daily Squib's resident business reporter bemoans the state of British business today and the woes of trying to buy a fiddle from Tesco with his phones4u smartphone.

I was on my Phones4U smartphone the other day trying to order a fiddle from Tesco superstores.

They’ve got a lovely range of fiddles some noisy, some quiet, some that can squeal in the key of E flat minor, or something to that effect.

Well, as I dialled and dialled and dialled I could not get through to order my fiddle.

It must be those Tesco fiddlers on the roof, because two days later I got a bill for £250 million. Now where the hell am I going to get that kind of money?

As for Phones4U, they don’t have much of a customer service do they? I tried calling their support line and the recorded message told me they’d all gone home — permanently.

The state of British business of late, tsk, tsk, it’s as if it’s second fiddle to the economy.