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Admiral Markets: The Importance of Maintaining a Branding Edge with Users

AMMAN - Jordan - Keeping a branding edge within a competitive trading brokerage global sector is crucial for businesses like Admiral Markets (Now Admirals) to excel.

Iconic brands like Coca-Cola keep advertising to consumers despite their near-universal name recognition. The idea is to keep the product or service, so fresh in users’ minds that it will be their first thought when they need such services.

Similarly, Admiral Markets has undertaken a rebrand despite having a solid couple of years. Admirals is the new name with a fresh logo to go along with it. Usually, service providers rebrand when things aren’t going too good. This proactive step is a fascinating step and invites proper exploration of what Admirals is all about.

What is Admirals?

The era of digital trading has vastly enhanced the presence of brokerage providers. Admirals have been around for much longer, having made its debut in 2001. It grew steadily into a leading broker operating in dozens of countries. Accordingly, Admirals has a solid reputation with regulatory approval from several counties, including the UK’s Financial

Conduct Authority…

pexels-nataliya-vaitkevich-6120182Automation and trading digitization has vastly improved user capabilities on these platforms. Trading is seamless and convenient from their living rooms. The era of smartphones has unleashed the capabilities of millions of small traders who can now participate in the market meaningfully.

Cryptocurrencies have also added new enthusiasm to brokers like Admirals. These assets have payment efficiency and the variety to maintain trader enthusiasm year-round. Bitcoin and similar assets gradually gain a seat on the high table and ordinary usage with utilities like payment gateways.

Admirals has a competitive edge because it adds robust add-on tools, research, and education to automated trading. The two decades of operation provide an excellent experience for its team in augmenting user experience.

2020 was a fascinating year for the financial industry. The broader economy shrunk because of Coronavirus disruptions. That said, the upheaval in the markets brought greater volatility and more trader activity. Besides, millions began actively trading because they would otherwise be sitting at home doing nothing.

Therefore, Admirals realized remarkable growth in 2020. The 2021 numbers may be along those lines because the years were pretty similar.


Why the Rebrand?

Admirals recently celebrated its 20th year anniversary. The management team, led by Chairman Sergei Bogatenkov, reiterated that Admirals would retain and enhance its client-oriented approach.

Service providers rebrand for various reasons. Admirals aims to introduce more investor priorities. Accordingly, Admirals will no longer work only as a Contract of Differences (CFD) and Forex broker but also have more ambitious broader goals. The website aesthetics are a pretty direct indicator of the expanded focus.

In this modern era of tech advancements, evolution rather than revolution will be the recurring theme.

Therefore, Admirals will aim to deliver integrated solutions to its users. The solutions apply to managing, investing, and spending assets. Traders want powerful yet simple tools to toggle the different aspects of fast markets. Therefore, the goal is to create a one-stop shop that can achieve this utility purpose for users.

Admirals will be helpful to several types of users. It can even serve as a personal finance management tool when not trading. The array of products is necessary for tech-savvy users in this third decade of the 21st century.

Fintech is a collective term for financial technology applications that are transforming modern finance. Admirals is launching into this mix and hopes to leverage its brand and competitive solutions to stand out from the rest. The existing presence in dozens of countries provides room for disrupting the Fintech industry globally.

Rebranding does not signify a complete departure from previous services. Rather, it indicates an expanded focus beyond just trading.

Admirals intend to add several asset groups to accommodate the interests of a diverse range of users.

Adapting For Continuity

Admirals is moving with the times. The rebranding indicates an expanded focus on client care. Specific aspects like the introduction of assets and functionality upgrades contribute to the overall experience. Users have an integrated tool to manage their accounts and participate in the market. It will be fascinating to track how the broader Fintech market evolves in the next few years.

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