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Calls to Bring Back Rummy and His Known Unknowns

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Someone needs to drag Donald Rumsfeld from his arm chair and get him back out there.

Amid false flag reports emanating from the Erdogan controlled Turkish front, recordings of former Ukrainian prime minister Tymoshenko ordering the nuking of 8 million Russians and U.S. diplomat, Victoria Nuland telling the EU to ‘fuck off’ whilst admitting the U.S was complicit in the coup d’état in Kiev, someone is doing a lot of recording and leaking these days.

The calls are out there now to bring back Donald Rumsfeld, because at least he knew the known unknowns.

“If we bring back Rummy he could put the Russians back in their place. These libs couldn’t fight themselves out of a paper bag. Look at the mess they’ve created, or maybe that’s what they want huh. At least with the neo cons you knew you were in a constant state of war and people accepted their false flags graciously, the dems are just too erratic and have pussified everyone so no one knows what’s going on any more,” an uninformed Capitol Hill insider revealed Thursday.

How utterly embarrassing this all is..but, let’s face it, governments have been doing this underhand stuff for centuries, false flag attacks are an accepted policy within the right circles and the chaos that is occurring globally now is a sign that president Obama is doing his job right. This was his job, and he is positively moving mountains, making the herds scatter, increasing fear, paranoia, terror, and ultimately war.

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