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Obama Sending Crack Team of Libtards to Ukraine

SEVASTOPOL - Ukraine (Russia) - The planes carrying hundreds of libtards from the Obama administration on a mission of Obamacare landed this morning in the Crimea and were met with thousands of Russian troops.

An emergency team of libtards left the airport in Washington D.C. yesterday morning, MSNBC host, Bozo Limprist, said from his show.

The libtard team are armed with all sorts of things to stop the Russian soldiers in the Ukraine.

“We’re going to reason with these brutes holding guns. Put down the weapons you might shoot someone. It’s dangerous. Also you brute Russians need more styling, what is this cammo stuff you’re wearing? It’s so unfetching, I believe a nice v neck, some designer glasses and Jack Kerouac book under your arm would be more fashionable. These Russians need to open a few more pot shops in Crimea, then they could relax a little better, and don’t forget your Kool aid you Russian war people with guns, drink up and you can be just like us,” Mr Limprist, told his audience on MSNBC.

No one told any of the Obamamites that if it wasn’t for U.S. and EU meddling in Kiev, the Russians would not have invaded the country.

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