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Farage: “Shaken, Not Stirred!”

CLACTON-ON-SEA - England - Thick on the campaign trail, the Reform Party leader Nigel Farage was "shaken, not stirred" by a milkshake attack.


Reform Party leader Nigel Farage was today shaken, not stirred by a woman throwing a banana flavoured McDonald’s milkshake in his face as he campaigned for election in Clacton.

Shaken, not Stirred

“At least the chav girl could have thrown a Five Guys milkshake instead of a maccie D’s one. Five Guys milkshakes are far superior than the slop at McDonald’s. Anyway, thankfully I am slightly shaken, but not stirred. Onward we go as good Christian soldiers,” Mr. Farage retorted after the milkshaking affair had subsided.

The new leader of Reform UK was leaving the Wetherspoons Moon and Starfish pub in Clacton-on-Sea, where he is standing to be an MP, when a young chav woman in a grey hooded jumper thought it would be nice to throw a milkshake in his face before throwing the cup at him then walking off back to her sink estate.

A new YouGov poll has Labour winning the election with 42.9% of the vote, while Reform is set to take 10.1% – an increase of 8.1% on 2019.

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