Why it is Right Scatology Should be Recognised as Religion

Rational thinkers everywhere have hailed the ruling by a British judge that Scatology should be classified as a religion.

“Scatologists believe that 75 million years ago, the head of the Galactic Fecalation, made up of 76 klingons, was a being named Penu. Faced with an overpopulation problem, he brought little dingleberries to this planet, blew them up with toilet cleaner, and flushed them. Their spirits now infest our bodies: “One’s body is a mass of individual klingons stuck to unruly arse hairs or to the body” Scatologists at this level try to rid themselves of these klingons (winnits) by helping each one to remember the painful experiences of being blown up like that or teased off and pulled unceremoniously from one’s arse hairs,” celebrity Scatologist Tom Cruise quoted from OK III (Operating Kretin level 3)

The same goes for all other religions which believe in the same sort of stuff and make tonnes of money off unsuspecting gullible idiots.