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Harry and Meghan Close to Joining Scientology Cult

LOS ANGELES - USA - Harry and Meghan have been audited into the Church of Scientology, in its celebrity centre.

Why it is Right Scatology Should be Recognised as Religion

LONDON - England - Scatology has been recognised officially as a “religion” after Britain’s highest court swept aside 158 years of law.

New Scatology Building Has Entire Floor Where Members Can Get ‘Super...

CLEARWATER - USA - Forty thousand scatologists are expected to descend on Florida this weekend for the grand opening of a 'toilet cathedral' which has been under construction for 15 years.

Cruise Tops Scatology Cult Hall of Fame

LOS ANGELES - USA - Actor Tom Cruise has topped the Scatology cult's hall of fame and will be honoured for his stellar work for the toxic poop cult with a lavish ceremony next month.

Tom Cruise Sees Vision of N.Ron Hubbub on 50th Birthday

LOS ANGELES - USA - Prominent Church of Scatology member, Tom Cruise, has spoken of his underpant joy at seeing the church's founder in a vision, as he was coming back to America from filming in Iceland.

Mission Impossible 6 Film Will Be About Tom Cruise Marriage

LOS ANGELES - USA - The next installation of the Mission Impossible franchise starring Tom Cruise will centre around the actor's marriage to actress Katie Holmes, studio execs have revealed.

Travolta to Marry Cruise in Church of Scatology Ceremony

LOS ANGELES - USA - In what could be dubbed the gay wedding of the century, Tom Cruise and John Travolta are set to marry, and amongst the famous guests, president Obama is even set to attend.

'Underpants Bomber' Had Skid Marks Court Told

DETROIT - USA - The 'underpants bomber', Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who tried to blow up a Northwest Airlines plane, which had taken off for Detroit from Amsterdam on Christmas Day 2009, had multiple skid marks in his underpants, prosecution lawyers told a court hearing on Tuesday.

Scatologists Applaud New Spoof Scat Christmas Play

FLORIDA - USA - A controversial holiday Scatalogical music production is set to open at American Stage Theatre in St. Petersburg.

Katie Holmes Escape Attempt Fails Again

LOS ANGELES - USA - A distraught and incoherent Katie Holmes was today taken back into the unforgiving arms of a Church of Scatology compound in Beverly Hills after another failed escape attempt.

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