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Iran Promises to Not Build Any Nuclear Weapons While Building New Nuclear Weapons

DETROIT - USA - A historic agreement on Iran's nuclear programme to keep on building new nuclear weapons was made possible by months of unprecedented secret meetings between US and Iranian officials, in further signs of the accelerating nuclear capabilities of Iran, it emerged on Sunday.

“Hands on heart, we promise not to build any nuclear weapons whilst building the nuclear weapons we’re building right now. You can have our assurance that the newer nuclear weapons we are building are not the older nuclear weapons we have postponed building but will still build anyway,” Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran’s foreign affairs minister told John Kerry’s toupee during another nuclear meeting at a Holiday Inn in downtown Detroit yesterday.

According to Israel’s premier, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Iranians are definitely building more nuclear weapons and for once he’s right, they actually are.

Looks like the world is a safer place now so we can all rest assured that we all won’t get blown to smithereens in a nuclear holocaust…Aaaargh!!!!!

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