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The Death of Christianity Much Exaggerated in the Minds of the Deceivers

CANTERBURY - England - All of humanity is waking up to the grandest deception ever perpetrated in history.

The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey laments the slow seeping death of the Church of England’s flocks. As the Daily Squib has already outlined in a myriad of articles regarding the invalidity of the organised deception of the masses throughout the ages, there exists two very strong antidotes to religious deception, logic and science.

No doubt, Christians enjoy sitting in ornate buildings singing songs, but this has nothing to do with God. The songs could be about anything and have the same effect. All it is is people together singing, this brings good thoughts and a feeling of well being, a we’re all in it together emotion. These can be replicated in a pub on a Sunday lunch time or a football match sing-a-long.

Religions also prey on the vulnerable and those in crisis. Naturally, by taking advantage of  those who need help in trying times, they know they will ensure a grateful continued addition to the deception.

Churches, cathedrals are generally pleasant pieces of historic architecture, mainly produced hundreds of years ago by valued craftsmen, architects and artists, therefore they are part of the human heritage within the Western world, but that’s all there is to it.

The crisis within false religions lie in deeper waters. It is criminal that religions are imposed on humans at birth. This is one of the worst crimes against humanity, because the imposition of generationally transferred superstitions onto defenceless children harm the human race in the long run.

Science and technology cut through falsities like knives through butter, and when organised deception like religion is put into the Petri dish, it comes up as a deceitful little bug, a parasite on the truth. For thousands of years, the masses have been deceived, for thousands of years they have killed and persecuted each other in its name, and thankfully its reign of terror is soon to end.

As for the vast wealth and money these organisations have accumulated through fleecing their flock, this alone is a criminal act of the highest order and hypocritical to the very books that they tout.

What was created to put fear into humans by highly trained mind control experts (priests) in the Middle Ages as a form of placating the masses on such subjects as death, as well as making rules for the illiterate masses to obey at all costs is now gone. Finished.

The future for humanity now lies in technology. Man’s spirit will live on in the stars, not in lies and amalgamated myths moulded into a man written book.

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  1. but centuries of christianity made us what we are. with that influence gone, we will no longer be human. we are already becoming grievously inhuman, we and our society, our world, compared to what we were only a few generations ago. you must admit that you Brits do say that the England you used to know is gone.

    our new religion-free world produces only unread, superficial, blathering idiots not interested in anything to do with the humanities. now what? our bodies will live on but the soul will have become extinct. you can see it already.

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