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There Are No Absentee Ballots in Florida

MIAMI - Florida - The Democrat Party may have perfected the art of gaming the election system, but there is one state where their dirty tricks do not work so well.

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Since the 2020 elections, the Democrats seem to have got into the flow of throwing elections. Sure, their system doesn’t work everywhere, Florida being an example, but in blue states where there are little or no checks, it works a treat. Absentee ballots, mail-in votes, drop boxes, that shit is all over the place and can easily be abused.

Despite polls saying 75% of Americans are fed up with high gas prices, high food prices and general incompetence from the Biden administration, they all still somehow voted for more of the same punishment at the Midterm elections. Go figure.

In Pennsylvania, generation Z voters actually voted for a Democrat candidate with brain damage. That says as much about generation Z as the Democrat Party.

One Democrat state voted for a dead candidate. How he’s going to fulfil his duty is something the dumbfuck low IQ voters never thought about. Death it seems is not a limitation for voting Democrat, hundreds of thousands of deceased voters voted for Biden in 2020.

The Republicans can always count on Florida as one state that does not tolerate Democrat cheating techniques. Look at that as a positive.

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