FACT CHECK: Joe Biden Did Not Fall Off His Bike

DELAWARE - USA - On behalf of the left-wing media this is a fact check stating that Joe Biden did not fall off his bike.

We are here on behalf of the Lords of all truth, CNN, Snopes and MSNBC to fact check the alleged incident reported of Joe Biden falling off his bicycle.

The almighty truth is that anyone saying anything critical in any way of the protected Biden is fake news and it is the job of certain authoritarian outlets to fact check these nefarious stories because we are the almighty bringers of all truth on the internet and no one else is qualified to comment. If you have political views other than socialist, Liberal or Marxist then you are fake news and we will cancel you.

Joe Biden did not fall off his bike. That supposed incident may have been a malicious holographic image projected by Donald Trump to discredit Mr. Biden.

Anyone reporting otherwise is spreading fake news propaganda and disinformation and will be discredited by the totalitarian lords of all truth on the internet i.e the Liberal media apparatus and Big Tech controllers.