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U.S. Midterms? It’s an Absolute No-Brainer

PHILADELPHIA - USA - As the Midterm elections are coming up soon, the Democrats seem a little scared. There's nothing to be scared about Democrats. Look at the Dem run cities for inspiration.


The beautiful vistas that grace Democrat run cities across the United States may be in focus during the Midterm elections this year. Strolling down the joyful streets of Philadelphia’s Kensington avenue, you will see for yourself what liberal socialism can do to any city. Smell the wonderful smells, regale the wonderful sights of socialistic liberalism at its zenith.

Everyone loves Los Angeles, the city of angels and one could say demons…shhhh. No, really, there’s truly no place like the magical city of LA where dreams are made and immense fortunes solidified on the gold paved, star struck streets.

Lest we forget San Francisco, the Californian jewel in the crown. This city is truly a Democrat dream come true, especially with its liberal city makers who have truly gone out of their way to accommodate absolutely everything and everyone. It is this inclusivity that truly distinguishes Democrat cities from the orderly, clean, crime free streets of Republican run cities. Who wants that? It is better to have open sewers with people defecating in the gutters and jamming needles in their pockmarked ankles in front of schools. Democrats support this way of living and abhor the disgrace of law and order displayed within Repugnant run cities across America.





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