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U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein Gets Armed Bodyguards to Shoot Up Man’s Car in Road Rage Incident

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Senator Dianne Feinstein was involved in a motor vehicle altercation Tuesday when she got angry at a motorist's bumper sticker.

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“She got out of her car and told me to take down my anti-gun control bumper sticker, I said ‘f*ck you Dianne Feinstein’ that’s when she told her heavies to do it,” Archie Mulnick, 43, a car salesman from Wichita, who was in the capital city on business, told NBC news.

According to D.C. Police, Mrs Feinstein, in addition to her armed security personnel, also unloaded 23 bullets with a .357 magnum she produced from her purse, into Mr Mulnick’s car leaving the tires blown, windows shattered and unsightly bullet holes in the body work.

“How the hell am I gonna go to my boss and tell him the company car got shot up? He won’t believe me when I tell him who did it,” Mr Mulnick said.

Mrs Feinstein is a devout advocate of gun control and is prone to fits of uncontrolled rage over the contentious issue.

“We need to disarm Mr and Mrs America. Remember, when we do that, we will be the ones with guns, and don’t forget the criminals too. I hear you say one and the same, well you may be right there.”

Senator Feinstein is always flanked by seven heavily armed thugs who have no qualms in peppering anything that gets in their way with copious amounts of smoking lead.

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