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African Americans Threaten to Riot if Royal Baby Not Named Trayvon

FLORIDA - USA - African Americans across the United States have threatened to riot if the British royal couple Duke and Duchess of Cambridge do not name their baby Trayvon.

“Imma riot if dah royal cracka azz family don’t name they baby Trayvon. Ni**as is raciss!” Kentnilla Latronia, an angry twitter user wrote.

Riot police were on emergency standby in all metro areas in the U.S. today and are taking the threats seriously.

“We got the water guns out, we gon give some of them folk a good wash down, hyuk, hyuk, if they riot,” Cletus McAdam, police chief for the Seminole County Sheriff’s office told CNN.

Another twitter user said: “If they don’ namez that royal creepy ass wigga Trayvon imma kick sum trash cans down inna road biotch.”

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