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Biden Gets Ready to Accept Thousands Migrant Caravan Crossing

SAN SALVADOR - El Salvador - Hundreds of thousands of people are travelling in a migrant caravan to be given entrance to the U.S. by Joe Biden.


Benito Gutiérrez, 25, from Honduras has been on the road now for six days. All he has with him are a tiny backpack, and the clothes he wears.

“Joe Biden. He promised us amnesty, he will open the gates for us, so we can live our life in America. Once I have my house, free healthcare, my car, I will send for my family. All of them.”

The plight of the migrants promised a better life by Biden’s Democrat Party is at the moment insufferable, these poor people are walking for miles, sometimes trucks give them a ride, sometimes they jump on a train. They do not wash, they go without food for days, and many have even been robbed.

“It is up to you Biden. We will see you at the walls after January 20th when you become president. You promised us free passage, so you must keep your word,” Gutiérrez adds, punching his fist defiantly in the air.

Joe Biden’s decision to immediately ask Congress to offer legal status to an estimated 11 million illegal aliens is fully supported by the Democrats, and his decision to allow the migrant caravans through will also be paramount.

Honduras, Guatemala, Venezuela, Mexico, Columbia, El Salvador, all places where the poor, full of hope for the future are bidding for the Trump walls to be torn down, and the roads opened to the great land of the free, the United States of America.

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