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Trump Brought This Upon Himself

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Trump's inaction lost him his presidency. Trump brought misfortune on himself. He is the only one to blame.

Trump had four years to reel in the social media companies — he did nothing.

Trump had four years to reel in the biased legacy media companies — he did nothing.

Trump had four years to rein in the RINOs, and the deep state Obama operatives — he did nothing.

Trump had four years to rein in the rioting BLM/ANTIFA Marxist terror groups, and their funding — he did nothing.

Trump could have capitalised on the Hunter Biden scandal — he did nothing.

Trump had three months to instate the Insurrection Act — he did nothing.

Trump played a lot of golf.

Trump tweeted a lot.

Trump acted too late, and look where it got him — nowhere.

Inaction lost him precious time, and now despite all the factual evidence of voter fraud, today he lost his presidency. Putting the whole weight of everything on Mike Ponce was also wrong, notch that up to even more inaction.

It’s over folks, nothing to see here any more.

Trump - Twitter- Liar

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