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Muslims Hold Peaceful Protest

LONDON - England - A crowd of Muslims congregated in the capital city today to have a peaceful protest and preach kindness to the world.

“We’re promoting happiness, peace and prosperity for everyone in the world,” Ibn Ali Mukhtar told the BBC.

As the crowd of Muslims travelled through Trafalgar Square they threw flowers in the air and sang joyful songs about happy things.

“I want to shake your hand sir, and yours madam. Have a nice day and smile because it ain’t all that bad really,” another Muslim said whilst holding a placard denouncing violence.

Even the police men and women danced to the songs along the way and one Muslim woman tore off her head covering sheet and squealed in delight that she was free.

The event passed peacefully and at the end of the protest everyone present was given a nice piece of chocolate cake.

The group of peaceful Muslims

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