Iron Lady Maggie Thatcher Meets Her Final Mining Strike

LONDON - England - Margaret Thatcher is dead.

Maggie Thatcher has finally died and will be buried in the ground after a state ceremony.

“There won’t be any miners at her funeral. When she is lowered into the deep hole in the ground it will resemble an elevator being lowered into a mine shaft,” an unemployed miner said.

The Iron Lady was the bane of many socialists and was infamous for her stance in the Miners’ Strike of 1984, as well as the Falklands War and Poll Tax, which eventually led to her downfall.

“This is a sad day for any Conservative but a supremely happy day for any Labour supporter or socialist,” Brett Landown, a cheerful political commentator for the BBC said.


There were also cheers at the Guardian and Mirror newspapers as the news filtered through but things were muted at the Telegraph. Amongst the Tories, Michael ‘Hezza’ Hesaltine will certainly not be shedding any tears at the demise of his old foe.

The creators of Spitting Image, Peter Fluck and Roger Law, were sad about the loss: “She was the star of the show and we thoroughly enjoyed creating her in Spitting Image. No doubt she is now down in the depths of hell entertaining Ronnie with stories of the good old days.”

The UK population is braced for a torrent of retrospectives, analysis and tribute programs on constant loop for the next few weeks on all media.