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Surprise – Commies, Socialists and Remoaners Want Dominic Cummings Sacked

LONDON - England - The knives are out for government SPAD, Dominic Cummings, after he broke the lockdown to address a family emergency.

As soon as a single drop of Brexiteer blood is spilled; the assorted monsters, moaning mangled leftist cunt veterans, all manner of communist swine embedded in the system, agents of discord, flagellate themselves in a chorus of media encouraged faux outrage, all emerging from their dastardly coffins in a hive-like manner, all saying the same scripted words. Sack Dominic Cummings they say through pursed, salivating lips.

Oh dear, a key member of the government, and not some ordinary Joe went to his parent’s farm out in the middle of nowhere because his 4-year-old kid needed child care while he and his wife were sick. These were obviously extraordinary circumstances, and utilising a common sense attitude to the lockdown rules. Cummings thus did nothing wrong, and was simply looking after his family…and if he took a walk in the deserted woods to get some fresh air, whoopy doo da..

The vultures circling the so-called crime scene however have different agendas.

This is all about political point scoring, and damaging Brexit, this fake outrage is certainly not about some sort of ideological idealism, there is no doubt that as soon as the sharks sniffed the water it was all stations go, cannons and guns firing at once.

Once there is a taste of blood, the leftist media outlets will not let this one go, especially the talking heads jibber jabbering their nonsense all day long, repeating the same points over and over again, their Soviet mantra effectively brainwashing the hypnotised audiences.

Will Dominic Cummings survive the onslaught? That is a question of semantics and of circumstance, a perennial intrepid furlong in this beastly race to uncover more dirt.

As for curtain twitching neighbours, they will enjoy their time in one of the circles of hell, when their time is up.

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