Labour Council Snatches Children From Foster Parents For Not Voting Labour

ROTHERHAM - England - The Labour-run council has snatched five children of a family because they did not vote Labour at the last election, a local Labour Stasi social worker has admitted.

“They did not vote Labour. They did not vote for the Labour party at the last election. It was no Labour for these people. We have taken away the children to go to a proper socialist family,” Rotherham Child Councillor and Stasi Kommandent, Joyce Snatcha, told the Rotherham Echo.

The Labour run councils across England and Wales are getting nasty in their exile after their unelected Commander in Chief, Gordon Brown was finally ousted from his position a few years ago.

“We have files on people who have not voted for Labour or do not support our child-snatching ways. Labour stands for surveillance, for poverty, for profligacy, for cronyism, for champagne socialism, for excessive Labour government spending and it also stands for war, lies and deception. We will not have anyone disobeying our orders in any way. I will keep repeating this and you will keep listening to what I say. You will vote Labour, you will listen and do what I say. At the next election you will vote Labour. Voting for Labour is what you will do and there is nothing you can do about it. Listen to my every word, look into my eyes. You will vote Labour at the next election. You will vote for the Labour party,” Ed Miliband, leader of the Labour party told the BBC yesterday.