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How Will Britain’s Underclass Survive One Year’s Self Isolation?

LONDON - England - Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, has not catered for the millions within Britain's underclass, in his coronavirus aid package.


There are millions of people in Britain who are well below any form of societal threshold, not educated, not employed, on drugs, violent and feral. These people are Britain’s underclass, they are the forgotten Untermenschen, often swiftly wiped under the rug by politicians, their voice is seldom heard, but it is felt, either with a bottle in your face or kick in the nads.

How will the underclass self-isolate when they can barely eat a decent meal or save for a rainy day?

These poor tortured wretches can only get things through thuggery, even though they have zero education or job prospects, they still believe wholeheartedly that the world, the government and society owes them everything, and this anger drives their thuggish behaviour.

“If I want summink I get it, or me knows sum fam oo can geddit, innit. Mandem knows innit,” Clarence says from deep in his hood.

Dodging the Feds is a lifelong task, and these people have been doing it since they could walk, most of them have this police dodging skill deep in their blood, and they also have no qualms in using knives in getting what they want.


The riots of 2011 were committed by the underclass, and the knife crime epidemic of London under the patronage of Mayor Sadiq Khan is currently being orchestrated by this same underclass.

The scientific indications are that it will be a lot more than three months in self seclusion and distancing, till the peak of the coronavirus deaths are realised.

In the news, they are merely mentioned as ‘young people’ but the underclass extends to all ages and all races within predominantly urban areas.


Will a few pounds more on their dole money stop these people rioting? Many of them are incapable of ‘staying at home’, these people are of the street, they have to be out there thieving, mugging, slashing and dealing — if told to stay in, they will get angrier. They will not have food, they will not have their skunk, or will run out of whatever they take, and eventually they will start to plot to do something with their other thug mates.

The underclass cannot be contained, and this is what the government consultants and ‘expert’ advisers have not factored in to their equations and financial stimulus packages.

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