The Russian surface-to-air missiles that killed over 176 people taking off from Tehran airport was a deliberate action by the Iranian regime, possibly conducted by Russian operatives on the ground.

The Russians have no love for the Ukrainians, therefore downing one of their passenger jets was perfectly acceptable for their Iranian friends, who okayed the attack.

The tragic loss of the passengers will have been seen as collateral damage by the West for the death of Soleimani, and will have been viewed as a decent loss of life to sate the Iranian appetite for revenge.

— Viktoria (@Ukropo4kA) January 10, 2020

Many of the passengers were Canadian citizens on the Ukrainian jet, but the Canadian snowflake prime minister will not do anything about it, and the Iranians had carte blanche to bring the jet down without reciprocation.

The pathetic strike against US bases in Iraq was thus a mere decoy for the bringing down of the jet, which was suspiciously initially reported as mechanical failure even though it was only three years old and had recently been checked. None of the missiles fired into Iraq caused any loss of life or hit their intended target, therefore suggesting they were steered astray for a reason to fool the Americans into thinking they got off lightly for assassinating Soleimani.

Now the Americans are jubilantly talking about resuming diplomatic talks, as if nothing has happened. They are prepared to gloss over the deaths of 176 innocent people in order to conduct talks on a regime that deliberately downed a passenger jet.

The Iranian regime has committed a terrible crime, yet the International community is prepared to welcome them back to the table with open arms.