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General McChrystal: Why Bringing Back the Draft Will Boost US Economy

WASHINGTON DC - USA - If the Americans bring back conscription, all 18 year olds would be required to fight in the army.

One must look at the modus operandi of the former Afghanistan General. He says it is important for all Americans to be drafted into the military at the age of 18 so as to share the burden of the global wars currently being orchestrated from Washington. Could an increased military zap the US economy into overdrive and lift it up into new heights? Yes it could, because with increased army personnel comes increased industry, arms manufacturing, logistics, training, catering, filing and every other job that you can think of. Armies are wonderful employers, and what do you do when everyone is unemployed and moping around the streets, like America’s youth today? You start a few more wars, then you enlist the youth and train them to kill Islamic people or whoever the next enemy of the US is.

The current globalist agenda in the Middle East is moving far too slowly for those who have started and controlled the conflicts.

“We want to finish the cleansing of the Middle East. It is in our global interest to make the Islamic countries fall into line with the West and the only way to do this is to destabilise these countries either through war or propaganda,” a Pentagon insider revealed.

The conflict in Syria is the final point of no return for the US military machine, because it is buttressed between the Russians and Chinese. If both Russian and China were to enter into a war with the US, there would definitely be a need for conscription. As for Iran, once Syria capitulates to the West, that will be attacked in a similar fashion — by the use of guerrilla forces funded by America, and then a final push either through bombing through the air or limited ground troops, maybe both.

The ‘Arab Spring’ destabilised the region through propaganda, and the next phase will have to be military conflict, which is a messy business, but is the only way to fully eradicate any dissent towards America plus win further territories for the global elite.

“War is good for business. Not only do we reduce the civilian populations but we increase our production and manufacturing business within the US. We make great weapons, amazing missiles and hardcore tanks. When the draft is brought in, we will have a booming economy once again, we will fight as one nation, and our young boys will become men. Nothing like a bullet whizzing past your head to make you really grow up. No more Playstation or X Box for you guys, from now on you will have the real thing and you will thank me for it as you stand to attention to salute me,” General McChristal told a group of school kids at a Florida High School yesterday.

While the Americans want a bloated military, how come the UK is cutting its own ranks? Who is disarming the British military and why? Perhaps someone should ask Brussels about it.

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