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Brexit Betrayal: How Britons Forgot Their Past

LONDON - England - Did millions of Brits die and fight in the world wars against Germany for nothing? It seems this is the case as yet another Brexit betrayal is foisted on the country.


If you forget your past, you are eventually doomed to relive the past in a perpetual cycle.

As we see the Remainers in parliament who are even laughed at by their masters in Brussels as insane zealots, thwarting democracy and dishonouring the EU Referendum vote of 2016, there is only a sense of betrayal felt by those who fought for this country in the many wars of the past.

What was the point of the war if Britain is now ruled by other nations, especially those that Britain so valiantly fought in World War II? The Remainers do not only dishonour the sacrifices of millions of soldiers who fought for our survival and freedoms in WW2, but they dishonour democracy and the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU in June 23, 2016.

The utter and sheer sense of betrayal and frustration people feel today doesn’t come close to the fear and courage people felt during the Blitz, but it comes close.


There is something terrible happening to a nation which rejects its past victories in battle and instead sides with the enemy. This is what Remainers are doing, by rejecting democracy and our hard fought freedoms, they are also dishonouring the many who fought and died in the two world wars so that Britain could have the freedoms we had before the EU, led by Germany took over Britain.

No one remembers the Blitz any more, and no one cares. Instead, the Remainers prefer to remember the day their parliament stopped Brexit and marched through the streets with their Marxist chants wishing for the British government and people to become obsolete.

At the end of the day, does Britain want to forge its own way, make its own laws, control its own borders, and keep this island nation as its own sovereign democratic entity, or does it want to be dictated to, and lose its sovereign democracy forever?

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