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How Smart Fleet Technology Changed The Industry Forever

SHREWSBURY - England - Smart Fleet technology has revolutionized the transportation fleet management business with its innovative techniques.

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The fleet management industry experiences huge changes. That’s because the use of new technologies alters traditional models. Today, companies who are open to innovation gain an upper hand in the competition.

But what exactly are these changes? Enter the combination of GPS navigation, fleet management applications, and telematics. The synergy of these technologies allows Smart Fleet Tracking unlike ever before.

In this article, we’ll explore the use of these innovations and see how companies with fleets to manage can reap many benefits from this.

How does smart fleet tracking work?

Telematics is more than simple vehicle tracking. Companies are able to get all the data points for both real-time and long-term decisions. The devices and their accompanying software account for various information, including:

– The vehicle’s location
– Real-time diagnostics
– The vehicle’s route
– Temperature

All of this information helps to make decisions on the go. Another aspect is the long-term impact of the accumulated data. Mining this data allows companies to increase the efficiency of their operational strategies.

What are the benefits of smart fleet tracking?

Telematics finds its way into the operations of an increasing number of companies. There are tangible benefits of using innovative technologies.

Here are the top benefits of using this technology:

· Lower insurance rates
· Reduced fuel expenses
· Optimal maintenance
· Safer vehicle operations
· Boost in productivity

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of using modern fleet tracking technology.

#1: Lower insurance rates
Safer operations lead to fewer incidents recorded by the insurance company. As a result, the insurance provider’s algorithms factor in the low accident rate. The reduced insurance premiums benefit the company’s overall cash flow.

#2: Reduced fuel expenses
Fuel costs are ripe for optimization by using a fleet tracking service like FleetGo. The companies are able to find out what they are able to improve in terms of fuel efficiency. There are many factors tied to higher fuel expenditure, including:

– Driver mistakes
– Aggressive driving style
– Inefficient routes
– High fuel consumption due to technical errors
– Unlawful use of company-purchased fuel

It can be surprising how tiny tweaks can make a huge difference in fuel consumption. UPS trucks avoid left-hand turns. This saves the world-famous company millions of gallons of fuel annually.

#3: Optimal maintenance
Every company needs to maintain its fleet. Remote tracking and data analysis can show the best use of maintenance resources. For example, conducting maintenance at the optimal intervals saves money.

Having fresh oil in the engine and the right tyre pressure increase fuel efficiency. Plus, real-time diagnosis tools indicate when any vehicle needs early maintenance or repairs.

#4: Safer vehicle operations
Driver safety is a goal for most companies. Telematics solutions help to track driver behaviour and performance for safer operations. And following a maintenance schedule ensures drivers operate vehicles that are up to the task.

#5: Boost in productivity
Smart fleet tracking creates a feedback system for increasing productivity. There are even creative options for gamification. For example, leaderboards could showcase top safe driving performance. This sets concrete benchmarks for others to follow.

The overall productivity increases after managing the routes based on the collected data. While human intuition is powerful, nothing replaces analysing large amounts of raw data. The conclusions drawn from this inevitably lead to efficient routings.

For instance, take the following example. Fleet tracking could enable optimization by mapping the logistical bottlenecks due to common mistakes in addresses. There are a lot of potential uses that are yet to be put into practice.

The bottom line: smart fleet technology changes the industry

Smart fleet tracking allows companies to operate safely and increase their efficiency. The new technology links GPS tracking, multiple sensors, and intelligent software. The resulting products and services let fleet-owning companies strengthen their operations.

Companies like FleetGo provide cutting-edge solutions for the transport industry. The installation time for the devices and software is kept to a minimum. But the impact of using these services lasts as long as the vehicles are in use.

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