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Parliament Passes Law Making it Illegal to Brexit

LONDON - England - According to a new law passed by an anti-democratic parliament, it will be illegal to have a Brexit on October 31.

Despite there being a legal stipulation in Article 50 that automatically comes into effect at a certain date triggering a Brexit, parliament has now put into law an opposing bill that makes it illegal to leave the EU on October 31.

“This is a parliament that does not respect democracy, or honour the EU Referendum result. They have conspired with the help of a corrupt Speaker of the House who used anti-constitutional means to bring in this anti-democratic bill. It is now illegal to Brexit on October 31,” one confused parliamentarian revealed.

Democracy requires the losers respect the vote of the people

Now that Brexit has been made illegal, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who if he tries to deliver the will of the people on October 31, will be deemed by this skewed anti-democratic parliament as conducting an illegal act.

“Article 50 is a legal document, and the new bill passed by parliament says it supersedes the legality of Article 50 to leave the EU. Which law is the true law? The one voted by 17.4 million people in the largest democratic vote in British history or the one voted by 200 odd anti-democratic MPs who do not want to honour the peoples vote?” another observer remarked.

The United Kingdom once used to be known for its democratic process, those days are long gone.

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