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Breivik to Spend Next Twenty Years in Luxury Prison

OSLO - Norway - The message coming from the staunchly socialist country is one of complacency, and encouragement for people who go on killing sprees.

“Anders Breivik shot 77 people in cold blood and he will be honoured for his crime by a socialist government that does not punish criminals but enables them. The message thus being promoted by the Norwegian government is one of tolerance and support for mass murderers. In fact, the Norwegian government is as much a murderer as Breivik is, because the message is out to the world, it is OK to commit mass murder in Norway, it is an open shop, please come over here and continue to do what you are doing,” one of the prosecutors at the case said, before being dismissed from the court.

Norwegian prisons are notoriously luxurious, where inmates languish in clean modern spacious cells, enjoy vast libraries, saunas, sunbeds, have days out in the fields, conjugal visits and can furnish their rooms with anything they want.

Breivik himself has spoken of there being hundreds of people like him, who will stop at nothing to complete their missions of destruction against non-white people across Europe.

“Norwegian prisons are equivalent to staying in a Northern English motel. Some motels don’t even have hot water in their communal bathrooms. It is taken for granted that Norway has the best prisons and Breivik will be revered by the inmates as a celebrity,” another prosecutor said.

Breivik languishing in a Norwegian prison for twenty one years gives him power as a figurehead for the right wing movement, where his defiance and incarceration are seen as a heroic statement by the clinical shooter.

Breivik is a hero amongst Britain’s and Europe’s extreme right. And when he walks out of his luxury prison in twenty years time, he will come out without an ounce of regret for his actions. The lax Norwegian socialist state will ensure Breivik’s grace and dignity.

As 40,000 Norwegians sing songs of peace outside the courthouse where Breivik is being paraded, one can only think of the silent majority in Norway who secretly agree to his doctrines.

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  1. Wow, that is the ultimate in playing the system. The very system you wished to bring down will support you when you try to destroy it. Something is very wrong (or very right, depending on who you are).

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