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Immigrant Congress Woman Tells Trump to Go Back to Glasgow to Sort it Out

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - President Donald Trump was told to go back to Glasgow, Scotland to sort out problems there, by an African congress woman.

Congresswoman Munga Munga Punka, who emigrated to America from some African country at the age of 12, and still wraps her head in a cloth, has told Donald Trump of Scottish ancestry, after his infamous tweet regarding immigrants going back to their own shit hole countries instead of criticising the USA, to go and sort out the multitude of problems in Glasgow, Scotland. Now that’s a scenario.

How many generations of immigration does it take to make you an American?

That is a question left to be answered by great debate.

As for those of the non-white persuasion in America, the main reason for your discrimination is because of your obvious difference to the original pilgrims who came to the new world all those years ago from Western Europe. The skin complexion never lies, and it is an advertiser of the foreign status that will always be meted onto you, despite your possible attempts at integration. In this respect, the Democratic party is as much racist as the Republican.

If one thinks about it, it was only fifty years ago that America had signs up on public buildings restricting access to dogs and non-whites, so it is going to take at least a few more centuries for the inherent superiority of the original colonists to be completely eviscerated.

Everyone is inherently racist anyway. It is a mechanism which is part of the human condition, it distinguishes those of a different tribe, because what is the condition of the human diaspora but a bunch of different tribes? Those who think that they just came to America, and somehow were voted in to Congress have as much value as an American who can trace his ancestors to some bumpkin who sailed from Portsmouth, England 500 years ago and colonised a few acres of America by shooting some Indians is frankly pissing in the wind. Sure, in an ideal world, once you take the oath, you should be an American, but do you really see the nuances of being a true American borne from the genes of a puritan pilgrim Christian colonist?

American liberals are just as racist as the oldest conservative, simply because liberals have this preponderance to label everything, to then assign it a place to stay in and never move from, and to constantly proclaim they are inclusive when one glance at the hierarchy reveals otherwise.

Naturally, in all of this racist nonsense, the real Americans, the Native Americans are all but ignored, as it was their hunting grounds, and their people which were systematically destroyed by the lovely Christian colonists. By dashing the brains of native babies on the rocks, Christian pilgrims believed themselves doing ‘god’s’ work. The Native American race is now a sad former shadow of itself, a defeated people left to rot on their tiny reserves, a distant memory from their ancestors who died in vain.

One can only hope that one day the prairies will once again teem with buffalo and the rivers will yield fish that have not been tainted by chemicals. After that, the real Americans can come back to the land that they never said they owned, but they respected and gave back to it what they took.

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