Can you make a living betting on the footie or any other sport?

We all know that poker certainly can pay out, and if you get good enough there’s always the Las Vegas poker tournaments that can make you some serious coin.

Imagine coming away with a few million in your pocket after that bluff. Things are harder in person to bluff but when you’re online in a poker game you could be standing upside down in a pink leotard and peacock feather firmly stuck in your jacksie and have a very poor hand to bluff with. That’s why if you really want the best out of this casino game getting a Genting bet promo code can really make a difference.

Putting an occasional bet on the footie is par the course but there really are professionals out there raking it in.

Professional spread betters are a rarity but they exist, and these guys can make twenty grand in an afternoon betting on whether the referee gives a red card to a player, or a certain footballer spits into the grass.

It takes all sorts, and that’s why the onus is to track down as many offers you can find, cash in, maybe play a few games then cash out.

Always remember to manage your risk. Don’t bet the house, or your wife could get rather angry and you will be eating dog shit for the rest of your life from a cardboard box under Waterloo bridge.

Remember, to have fun first, because when betting starts to not be fun, then you should consider giving it a little break.