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Come On In The Casino is Open For Business

LAS VEGAS - USA - The odds in any casino are stacked against the punter, but with a little knowledge and practice, certain games can be lucrative.

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The odds are out that making money in a casino is stacked against the punter, yet people flock to these places like bluebottle flies onto a doggy doo.

Who is to say what goes through their minds as they dump their kid’s university funds onto that craps game, but one thing is sure, the odds are stacked against them winning a single penny.

Mind you, that’s what a lot of these casino’s are betting on, and they love the big players.

You can win a million in the morning, then be three million down by the afternoon. It’s the Comeon thrill of it that makes people come back even if they are punished for their gambling streak.

Psychologists claim that some people actually play to be fleeced. For them, it is a form of self flagellation, and a release of tension.

The main theme of any casino is that the doors are always open, and it does not matter which societal strata you come from, if you have money, you can play.

There will always people who think that there is an easy way of winning big, and some are lucky, but the rest are nursing wounds in their pockets soon after.

Who is to say that betting is a valid way of making some big wins, but to truly win, one must understand the intricacies of probability.

If you have a good memory, there’s always card counting, but if you are successful, even though you can beat the casino, you have to be careful because these chaps have professionals looking to catch you out in a physical casino. Blackjack can of course be played online, and you can count to hearts content, but the stakes won’t pay out as much as a physical casino.

Contrary to the popular myth, card counters do not need unusual mental abilities to count cards, because they are not tracking and memorising specific cards. Instead, card counters assign a point score to each card they see that estimates the value of that card, and then they track the sum of these values – a process called keeping a “running count.” Therefore, not everyone has to be a Rain Man to do it successfully.

Either way, there are ways of getting ahead of the system in some games, but these are hard to train for, and take great practice, as well as knowledge.

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