American Who Seeks Compensation Payout From Himself Could Be Sued Again

NEW YORK - USA - An American man is seeking to win a multi-million dollar lawsuit against himself after his bid for compensation failed.

Gerald Mancuso, 45, a business owner from Queens, is seeking damages from himself for multiple misdemeanours incurred while he was trying to sue himself last November.

The man’s lawyer, Alfredo Berowitz, spoke of the man’s anguish: “I have been speaking to my client and he has been anxious to relieve himself of millions of dollars. Naturally, I was obliged to step into the role as his litigator and relieve my client of his money.”

The case should take three or four years and cost Mr Mancuso $6 million and potentially even more if he successfully wins the case.

Speaking from court yesterday, Mr Mancuso said: “I am going to sue myself and get compensation for the pain I have caused to my person, so help me God.”