Occupy Movement Was Doomed to Fail From Beginning

LONDON - England - There can never be a revolution from the minority. This is why the Occupy Movements in Britain and America were doomed to failure.

As the remnants of the Occupy London tents are cleared by the bailiffs and security men today, was there any hope for the Occupy Movement in the first place?

“The so-called Occupy Movement claimed to represent 99% of the population, however it barely represented 1% of the population. This is why it failed, because there was no sympathy or support from the general public,”  a leading professor from Oxford University has remarked.

In conjunction with any form of popular revolt, the Occupy Movement tried to emulate other revolutionary movements from the past but failed miserably.

“I was astounded to hear from the majority of Occupy protesters that they did not actually know what and why they were protesting. This form of uneducated misdirection is a terrible consequence of years of dumbing down in our universities and schools where qualifications are given away like sweeties. These people could not think for themselves if they tried, otherwise they would not be in the miserable position they’re in right now. The privileged children are dispossessed? Surely not?” the professor said.

“One must reiterate the point that revolution can only take place when every man, every woman and child stands up and says “No more!” Only then can a true revolution be accomplished, possibly with the help of the armed forces on the side of the people and not against them. V is for Vendetta and the denouement of that film is the only way for progress. If one looks around now, you will see the walking dead, too infatuated by meaningless reality shows, social networking, video games, mortgages, school catchement areas, Daily Mail articles and other trivialities. They have no use for important things like revolution,” the professor added.