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Mr Clean to Get Second Term

WASHINGTON DC - USA - President Barack Obama is certain to get a second term because of his clean record, as well as GOP candidates being a major disappointment to voters.

“America is a big country, and the Republicans could only come up with a black man who sexually molests white women, two dunces and a crazed creationist psychopath woman to be contenders. Come on, you could put a donkey to run against them and have it win,” a disgruntled Republican ex-voter told the Baltimore Sun.

One must then look at Barack Obama, who is a stark contrast to the motley crew of losers gunning for the GOP crown. Mr Obama has not had one single scandal or mishap during his rather sterile presidency. The Republicans and Teabaggers have tried with all of their might to sully the star of Obama, from Muslim smears, birth certificates, to issues about his penchant for vacationing. Nothing has stuck, and even his wife’s incredible spending sprees of taxpayer funded holidays could not dent the Obama second term bid.

“Obama will get a second term because he has to finish what he started and the people will let him. America needs someone like him to take from the stinking rich, who take everything and give nothing to society, and he’s going to smash those people in his second term. Obama is a good guy, look what he has done to Israel, they are no longer pulling all the strings, making American soldiers die for that place. Too much American blood has been spilled for their former master, Israel, and it is time to cut that entity loose. Let them fend for themselves for a change. No one likes that psychotic babbling buffoon Netenyahu. As for the Jewish lobby in America, they are extremely powerful and are endemic to every facet of society and organisation, but Obama can still win without their support, because the people will vote for him. The greed and corruption by these groups has encircled and strangled America for too long, like an evil octopus parasite sucking the life out of the American people, let us hope this beast can be tossed aside and thrown to the dogs,” Harold Johnson, a Capitol Hill political commentator told CBS.

Barack Obama’s first term has been one of restraint, but when he gains his second term; there will be none. There will be a lot of work to be done in the four years after re-election and he will make sure that America is downsized and integrated more with the rest of the world. America will be forced to adopt the socialist method of Europe with Marxist undertones and a reduced eco emission culture.

The United States is not sustainable within the world and if it carries on with its current state as extreme polluter and waster of earth’s resources, it will finish the earth. This is why Obama has stepped up to the plate to tame this greedy behemoth warmongering nation and bring it down like an Indian brings down a bison.

“The native Americans shall have the land back one day. The lands that were lost when the invaders came and destroyed everything. The invaders do not know how to give back, they only take. One day this will be their undoing,” Chief Mondalkni, of the Klamuth tribe told an Oregon radio station.

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  1. Yeah, even the fact that Mr. Obamination wasn't born in the USA and isn't legally eligible to be president didn't turn out to be a scandal. And Ron Paul, the only legitimate GOP threat, doesn't exist at all according to FOX news and Rush Limbaugh.

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