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Massive Public Sector Strike Just Like Any Other Day in Britain

LONDON - England - Teachers and other public sector workers had a strike yesterday, the funny thing is, no one noticed much.

It was touted as being the strike of the century. Instead, the massive strike made no difference as no one really noticed any difference in the working practices of the 100,000 civil servants and teachers when they were absent from their gold-plated taxpayer funded jobs.

“Instead of getting £56,000 per annum for my pension when I retire at 45, I will instead be getting only £50,000 on my gold-plated taxpayer funded pension. This is a bloody disgrace. On top of my four month paid holidays every few months and salary of £75,000 per annum I don’t know how I can possibly cope?” Julian Bunion, a recently qualified woodwork teacher from a South London comprehensive school told the BBC.

Union officials who languish on £200,000 salary minimums, free holidays and large gold-plated pensions, were yesterday lunching at London’s top eateries whilst their members were marching through central London.

One of the union officials, Bob Vulture, leader of the RMT union, was lunching at Claridges and said: “Here I am sitting in this capitalist swine pit dining on the finest gourmet cuisine. You know what the bill is? £785 quid. You, the taxpayer just paid for my meal which I will shit out into toilet bowl later on today. This is socialism at work dear taxpayers, just think you’re paying for me to live a life of luxury off your backs. This is my gift to you lousy proles who pay my huge salary and limitless expense account. Honestly, I don’t know what to do with all the cash, and neither do all our members who receive huge amounts of it every month. It certainly ain’t the private sector. Socialism, stroke communism, is so great, innit?”

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  1. You people wouldn't last 5 mins in the classroom! FACT! You all moan about teachers "having it easy…..lots of holidays, lots of money blah blah…….why don't you go and be a teacher then? Because you couldn't do it and its too damn stressfull that's why! Teaching is one of the hardest difficult bleek jobs you could ever do, so stop with denouncements and listen for a change.

  2. This article is ridiculous we do not earn half that amount of money as teachers. I'd be happy to get 45k as a teacher in inner city London. Stop this misinfermation. You are not doing teachers a service are you?

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