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How Kate Snagged Her Prince

LONDON - England - As the newlyweds cosy down to married life, Kate gives a lesson in social-climbing to the masses.

“You too can climb the royal mountain of social status just like Kate Middleton has,” Robert Goering, a royal palace spokesman has told the Sun newspaper.

She may not have had a job before her marriage to the prince but on the balcony yesterday, there was a brief glimpse of how she got where she is today.

“This is testament to her mother’s training in social-climbing. The Middleton’s are a beacon of hope in Britain’s class driven society. They are also a message in how socialistic Britain has become. In other words, this is not just the watering down of the royal families lineage but a welcome boost to the new order, where if one is prepared to do absolutely anything, you too can get up there,” Mr Goering added.

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  1. So it wasn't a "dress" that Kate snagged the prince in, it was what she was prepared to do while wearing one, even in front of children, their relatives, and one million American tourists and billions more worldwide. Truly a credit to modern English women, that one.

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