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'African Americans' Are Not 'Black'

WASHINGTON DC - USA - New PC directives being brought into the fray by the US government stipulate that black people are not black and actually do not have any skin colour whatsoever.


“I’m not black. My skin does not have any colour. You over there are white, and you over there are brown, and you over there are green, but me, I’m colourless. You can call me an ‘African American’ but I never been to Africa and I can’t even pinpoint it on a world map,” Robert C. Kiddo, an African American Democrat politician said on Capitol Hill today.

America, under the auspices of the collectivist Obama administration, is currently censoring all art, culture and history by eradicating anything pertaining to the mention of blackness.

“It’s our own little socialist ‘Freedom Fries’ moment. We’re de-colourizing black people. From now on there won’t be black people in America. No more Latin words for black either. You all know what the Latin word for black is huh? Well, seeing as Latin is the root of all English, we’re bypassing the very structure of the English language. We want to whitewash the word ‘black’ from all of culture, we want to deny history and physicality, we want to make it so that history never occurred and stay ignorant to our past, however painful or horrendous some parts are. When I look in the mirror I do not see the physical colour of my skin. I completely deny the physics, genetics and intrinsic value of my skin colour,” Mr Kiddo said.

Some detractors who are ‘African American’, however, decry the new socialist un-democratic directives being spouted from Washington.

Joel Simmons, 29, from Atlanta said: “I’m black and proud. This is the colour of my skin. I can read the word ‘nigger’ in Huckleberry Finn and know what the context of that word is. I know what happened in history. I’m not ashamed of my skin colour, this is what I was born with and this is what I will die with. All you PC socialist motherfuckers are actually splitting up people with your ‘African American’ nonsense. You’re creating more divisions, you are also censoring great art and the historic culture of the American people, whether black or white. What are you going to do next, censor the word ‘War’ from ‘War and Peace’ purely because war is kind of unpleasant?”

Washington is also now debating whether to increase the PC drive by including: English Americans, Austrian Americans, Belgian Americans, Bhuttanese Americans, Sri Lankan Americans, Italian Americans, Eurasian Americans, English/German/Scots/Irish Americans, Cuban Americans, Tibetan Americans, Madagascaran Americans, Pacific Americans, South East Asian Americans, French Americans, Chinese Americans, Australian Americans, German Americans, Polynesian Americans, Icelandic Americans, Mexican Americans, Russian Americans, but never just ‘Americans’.

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  1. They're less intelligent then white people. If you don't believe me look at Rome 2500 years ago and look at Africa today. Lets face it the white man hadnt showed them everything they would still be living in the jungles. This aint racism this is true fact.

  2. they ARE colored. look at the palms of their hands and the soles of their feet. those aren't colored, because those were on the ground and on the car when God spray painted them.

  3. By doing that, they'll divide the American people even more. How very stupid! There is nothing wrong with being black, white or whatever. Skin colour is just a fact, why try to pretend it doesn't exist? And to now want to dredge up everybody's heritage and show where their ancestors are from is even more absurd.

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