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After the Marriage the Honeymoon

LONDON - England - David Cameron and Nick Clegg settled down to business after finally tying the knot on Tuesday with the historic Lib Dem, Tory partnership.

Was it love at first sight or love at first fight? Who knows. But the two public school boys are now finally hitched after many hours and days of negotiations.

It was a match made in heaven, one OE boy and one OW, who forged a partnership that some say could last forever.

“When they went down the aisle, I had a tear in my eye. Then they disappeared behind the door of Number10 and I knew that they were right for our country,” Samantha Cameron told Tatler magazine.

Already, Hello magazine and OK magazine have built up a frenzied bidding war for the wedding pictures and commentators are expecting a Max Clifford PR campaign to go with it.

“David might order Cleggy to make his toast in the morning or to shine his shoes but other than the odd fagging, it’s business as usual in Number10, I’d have to say though, anything is better than that morose grey disaster on two legs, Brown, plus we don’t get the obligatory fax machine or mobile phone thrown at our heads at high speed anymore. Phew!” a Whitehall Number10 staffer revealed to the Times.

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