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Tory Plot to Kidnap Clegg Foiled by Police

LONDON - England - In dawn raids this morning, 38 Conservative MPs, including Tory leader, David Cameron, were held at undisclosed locations on suspicion of attempted kidnap.

“We have reason to believe that Liberal Democrat candidate, Nicholas Clegg was nearly kidnapped last night but the plot was foiled by our officers who had been tracking the Tories for some time,” Detective Inspector, Michael Knutter told the Independent.

The Conservative MPs tried to kidnap the popular Lib. Dem. leader from his home and ship him to France where he could be stranded, because of the volcanic ash travel chaos. The Tories were hoping that Mr Clegg would be stranded in France until after the election was over.

“We found intricate plans detailing the kidnap plot and we swooped on the properties of the Conservative MPs early in the morning. One particular MP even tried to hide in his duck house but was eventually discovered by one of our police dogs,” Inspector Knutter added.

Ever since the infamous election TV debates, the knives have been out for Clegg who has trumped both Labour and the Conservatives in popularity polls.

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