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Apple to Release iPodPadPhone

CUPERTINO - USA - Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, today unveiled the latest gadget in the companies product line that has taken the tech world by surprise.

“This thing just blew me away when I saw it. I definitely think Apple have come up with the goods this time,” said Joel Schoen, senior tech expert and columnist at Tech Juice magazine.

Speaking from the Apple Hall of Wonders in the Cupertino HQ, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPodPadPhone to loud applause and whooping from the crowd.

“It does what it says on the box. We just got our best products, and stuck them all together. Now you won’t have to carry around separate gadgets, with the iPadPodPhone, it’s all in one easy to carry package,” Mr Jobs announced.

One of the journalists assembled in the hall stood up and asked why there was duct tape holding the gadgets together. Steve Jobs, took the question in his stride and said: “this is special iTape which, in fact, we think adds to the grungy trendy tech savvy look that the gadget is going for”.

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  1. When will they make something usefull like iToiletSeat, iPensilHolder and Iwater.

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