Man Blows Brains Out at Britain’s Got Talent Show

LIVERPOOL - England - The audience and judges at the Britain's Got Talent show got more than they bargained for on Monday night when a man took out a revolver and shot himself in the head.

“During auditions he said he was going to show the audience what he was thinking. So we thought that he was going to do a bit of mind reading for his act, something along that line,” one of the judges, Pierce Moron told the Sun.

After getting up on stage the talented 23-year-old man pulled out an old World War II revolver and blew his brains out all over the judges and audience, causing many to flee in panic.

Judges, Amanda Holden and Pierce Moron got the brunt of the brains, a sliver even finding Ms Holden’s pouting cleavage.

“I think out of all of the Britain’s Got Talent contestants, this guy was a true winner. It was a spectacular piece of performance art and magnificent in its audacity. This chap certainly got my vote,” Darren Corduroy, 45, an audience member on Monday night said.