Man Blows Brains Out at Britain’s Got Talent Show

LIVERPOOL - England - The audience and judges at the Britain's Got Talent show got more than they bargained for on Monday night when a man took out a revolver and shot himself in the head.

“During auditions he said he was going to show the audience what he was thinking. So we thought that he was going to do a bit of mind reading for his act, something along that line,” one of the judges, Pierce Moron told the Sun.

After getting up on stage the talented 23-year-old man pulled out an old World War II revolver and blew his brains out all over the judges and audience, causing many to flee in panic.

Judges, Amanda Holden and Pierce Moron got the brunt of the brains, a sliver even finding Ms Holden’s pouting cleavage.

“I think out of all of the Britain’s Got Talent contestants, this guy was a true winner. It was a spectacular piece of performance art and magnificent in its audacity. This chap certainly got my vote,” Darren Corduroy, 45, an audience member on Monday night said.

  • Darren

    Video pleas???

  • Anonymous

    There is always the law of Justice which even God is bound by. Mercy and Justice are both served through the atonement of Jesus Christ. He loves us no matter what we do, just like our parents, but in the end He cannot keep us from our punishment of our crimes. Our parent's can't keep us out of jail and neither can God. The atonement is like our bail but we have to accept it and live it.

  • Anonymous

    Is this King George Livingston Knocks V?

  • Anonymous

    I think he was insecure and went on there to gain some self confidence from the audience and judges. He did get support from the audience but not the judges and i think he realized that he wasn't good. And when Simon said he was ruthless, that was the final nail in the coffin. Always watch what you say to people please because you don't know what is going on in there life and what they go through.

  • TheRedGirl

    You're right, God does love us unconditionally BUT, look at it like a parent's love. While they have a massive love for us, that doesn't mean we can go through life treating others badly, committing crimes, telling lies, etc. As human beings, we are given many chances throughout our lives when we do something wrong or bad, we can attempt to redeem ourselves our continue making a negative mark on this world, it's entirely up to us. In saying that, if you're a believer of heaven and hell, after attempting to live a good, positive life, helping others when you can and being an honest and loving person, would it seem fair to you to end up in the same place as a rapist? A murderer? We all pretty much control our destiny's and if our final journey takes us to a bad place, it's a shame but it's also no one's fault but our own.

  • God

    ehhem i am the lord here you just think you can post without my permission jesus .anyway im sure that guy is around up here………somewhere from the billion of people here i mean i see a dinosaur from where i am or is it a tree …i dont know anyway stop fighting about how sad it is im sure he knew that he did that but i not sure they would let him in….. anyway GOD OUT /\ (praying hands)

  • Anonymous

    the most said and well done; the most sense that has come out of anyones mouth.

  • King George (By George!)

    More important, perhaps, than the destination is where a person has BEEN all their life. THAT will tell the most about where they WENT after they leave our boring presence in this little dimple on God's butt called Earth. Where a person "goes" after they are dead is no one's business but the person who has gone "there"…whereEVA "there" IS. This kind of absurd whimwhamming chit-CHAT is an abuse of free time and clearly qualifies all those who participate as eligible for a SEVERE CANING on the BUTTOCKS!!!! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! So, THERE…you bloody fools! Take THAT!

  • Anonymous

    You're a f*** idiot!

  • Lexi Rae

    Okay. I think it's absolutely ridiculous that someone would go to hell or heaven for shooting them self in the head. Or suicide in general. I believe that everyone goes to heaven, no matter what. Bad or good. Murder or Rescue. I am sure that l have a bunch more time to learn about religion. But honestly I'm having a very hard time believing that people go to hell. I mean doesn't the bible say that god loves us no matter what the reason? Well if he loves us no matter what. Then why is hell an option? Doesn't make sense to me but, What do I know. And for the poor guy that this happened to I am terribly sorry. (Sorry for making this seem like Sunday school or church everyone) Just stating my opinion. Which we are all entitled to our own.

    • jim scaggs

      Well if you are really interested about what the Bible teaches about heaven and hell we can look into it and see.

  • andrew Hope

    What a bunch of fucking idiots you are. you stupid cunts.

  • christian james

    were can i find the video

  • Dee

    You people are so shallow and self involved. A man lost his life! It is not a joke! To make light of his pain is pathetic! You see how he was laughed at? People cannot be ridiculed, mocked, and bullied without it having an effect on them. Obviously he was emotionally unstable or he would not have planned such a horrible end for himself. I would guess he has been made fun of his whole life by thoughtless, heartless, mean-spirited, so-called "people". Let's try a little more kindness, understanding, and gentleness. I would do our society a world of good! Our words an actions have an enormous effect on people.

  • chuck

    And who are you to judge someone, and hey mister holier than tho your a hypocrite talking all that testament stuff and insulting people. Very catholic or christian of you.

  • The Dude

    So Bahamas was in Zach's mother? How does that work? I am a Brit so I don't get the joke…

  • shaun

    the bible is fictitious anyway, why would anyone read it to get valid world knowledge or life knowledge? you're living in a dreamworld, i suggest you wake up and take notice. god isn't here, wont come, wont save anyone, after death there is simply non existence, its ok if you need to believe in something mythical just to get over that fact, to feel there's something more to our existence, but there isn't, sooner you accept it, the sooner the rest of the world can keep its sanity

  • Anonymous

    It did get him noticed by thousands if you think about it

  • Quiet Observer

    04/11/2012 18:21:38 "Does not matter is he had been saved. Thou shalt not kill even pertains to yourself. He commited this sin in his final hour. Sinners do not go to heaven. Read your Bible."

    Except that is not Biblical. David committed murder to Bathsheba's husband, but he was the Lord's annointed and Nathan declared him forgiven by God. (2 Samuel 12:13) It also says, "All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God" (Romans 3:23), which includes you and I. Please read your Bible.

  • Anonymous

    Does not matter is he had been saved. Thou shalt not kill even pertains to yourself. He commited this sin in his final hour. Sinners do not go to heaven. Read your Bible.

  • Smartass

    It's not your call to say who is in hell. He may have been saved dipshit. You must be catholic…

  • you're a fucking retard

    Who brought in the grammer police, mother fucker? Damn bro you should just go kill "your"self for being a fucktard. Congratulations at being the way you are, I'm sure your fail brit parents are proud of you!!!

  • Akira

    It only shows what people are pushed to do because know one listens to them, his not stupid.

  • Stephan Gerard

    Ok listen to this one person said from the reading, and it goes like this:
    " This chap certainly got my vote," Darren Corduroy, 45, an audience member on Monday night said."
    The only thing wrong with this answer is the man who committed suscide on stge is dead and unfortunately since he committed suscide is in Hell what or who cares about your vote for this now dead man who is now in the grips of eternal pain and suffering from being in Hell! Anyone who would say this has to be the biggest most stupidest moronic idiot on the planet Earth that ever existed from the single cell to man kind himself. This person who gives a vote to a suscide and gone to Hell person for all eternity has to be the most stupid that the world has ever seen since Adam.Moe Howard looks like Albert Einstein compaired to this Darren Corduroy an audience member. Hey Darren he's in Hell and dead from sinning of taking his own life he doesn''t give a rats ass about your vote one way or the other idiot! You should build a barn on your property and live there though first write above the door entering into the barn Jackass lives here he ha he ha he ha!

  • So..

    I looked this up. All your comments were true, except for Baha's which was offensive and stupid. My statement was actually wrong. Iq is meausured in different ways. I found that on my test, I was still in the top 2% of intelligence, but it depends on which test you take. So I apologise for any offence caused by my comment which was actually sticking up for British people, but I am smarter than average and I do think that his comment was extremely offensive. Btw I am actually twelve, not a teen.

  • America Rules

    Yo face is stupid. 🙂

  • Zacky

    "I am British and I bet my IQ is 100 points higher than yours, and I am a teenager. MyIQ is 156, what's yours?"

    If it was 156 then you'd probably know that his IQ is 56… Just some simple math..

  • Niko Gregorovich

    You say that now, but you're going to be wishing you'd have thought differently. Technically we wouldn't be ignorant because ignorance is the stupidity of one without knowing. Clearly we know God exists. I'm praying for you…and calling a doctor, because you need help. #JesusLovesYou # Sucka!

  • George

    The fact that you respond to an idiot troll implies you are not as smart as you think… and BTW, in Britian IQ is measured by the metric system, so a Brits 156 is equal to 75 American.

  • Baha

    Bahahahaha yeah your IQ is 156… and I have the largest dick in the world too. Incidentally we do have something in common though… we were both inside your mother at some point.

  • Absolutely horrible comment

    How could you be so very stupid? This show is called Britain's Got Talent. Do you not think British people will come on here? I am British and I bet my IQ is 100 points higher than yours, and I am a teenager. MyIQ is 156, what's yours? You can't throw people together in a bunch like that. You call us stupid, well I bet you're not getting into Mensa anytime soon. You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself.

  • Brendan Kelly

    Obviously a cry for attention that went very wrong.. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Old Friend????

  • Jaymz

    Brits are so stupid.

  • Anonymous

    hahaha you're funny jesus ROTFLMAO

  • lilman1978

    What are you all talking about for 1 hell does not exist, what appears to be hell is molten lava around the earths core and 2 if you beleive in religion or god then you must be blind or ignorant to real life, when we die we are burnt or we rot end of.

  • Wini

    This is absolute nonsense. Do you think someone could get by security into a show with 4 celebrities with a loaded gun? Also it's not Pierce Moron! It's Pierce Morgan! Bloody hell!

  • Victoria

    You forgot to mention his use of the word "too". It should be "to" instead. Since we are auto correcting everyone's failures.

  • jesus

    Bless you my children all is forgiven..

  • MegaStar

    I salute to you sir or madam. Good job saying your belief, for you do have a right to, while the democrats commentators have no good come back other than fuck off because they themselves can't handle the truth (or have something intelligent to say). Lol!!

  • chip

    Oh sorry honey "the" is not spelled with a d, its actually spell with a t, h, and an e, its spelled "the" lol you silly boy and your stupidity.

  • joseph

    i want too see da real video

  • Satire

    I hope Chuck Norris sneezes on those who don't understand this site. The Daily Squib is brilliant.

  • Deirdre

    Poor sod why would he think what he did was going to make him more famous?

  • Lillian

    Is this a joke? If so it's nit funny.

  • Ashley

    This article confirms my deepest fears but I don't want to see a video because that's just sick.

  • Lorraine

    It must have been terrible for Amanda Holden. I hope she's ok after witnessing such a horrendous thing.

  • Childof ELOHIM

    For him, it is too late to pray! Whatever his situation was with the LORD, Christ Jesus, will not change with any of our prayers!!

    Let us focus upon those still considering doing likewise! Those individuals prayer will still help!

  • Rhonda Smalley

    Pray for him? And just what would that prayer be? He's dead. His soul is in eternity and his fate is sealed. Our prayers would be more appropriate for the souls of the ones who still have an opportunity to escape a torturous eternity, wouldn't they?

  • JJK

    What a bitch! Ur stupid ass will also root in hell u fucking insect! u thank the lord because someone is suffering in the flames of hell? what would you retarded piece of crap u calal brain kno about what trials could this guy be happening through!? Fcking piece of slag! I really hope u die and all of the likes like you!

  • naaaasty

    everyone arguing over stupid shit that's not even some respect for someone who lost there life. makes me sick. I feel like shooting myself 2 now

  • anita

    he was fucken fugly hahaha hes rotting in hell now thank the lord

  • Anonymous

    You'r realy not a worldy people in the us… You thought on humanism doesn't strech beoyned budget. The rest in Europe do… Republicans are just homophobic child who wich nothing then their own welth..

  • ProudLib

    Sounds like you're the retarded one, repub. You need to do the world a favor…gather all of your kind together, put on some nike's and all drink the kool-aid at the same time. Sure would be lot better without all you fucking hate-mongers.

  • Rokas

    He was such a handsome boy too..what a shame…R.I.P.

  • dante10188

    so, as someone who has had an uncle and a father in law commit suicide, one of which (the uncle) i myself found, i do feel a certain amount of sympathy for him, and agree that without knowing his background you shouldnt be so quick to judge somebody. that being said, this was obviously planned ahead of time and wasn't a spur of the moment decision, and the fact that he chose to do it live on tv on a show that children and a multitude of other highly influential individuals watch takes any sympathy i had away. im heavily against suicide, as any sane person should be, but if your going to do it anyway, is making a spectacle of it really the only way to go?

  • independant.

    A retarded republican who doesn't get it!?!?!?! at least they do their own research before saying shit. liberals are just sheep, believing what everyone tells them and praises it as fact. who's retarded now?

  • Anonymous

    F.UCK OFF YOU RETARD REPUBLICAN WHO STILL DOESN"T GET IT. go worship an owl effigy c*nt

  • Anonymous

    He died for our sins. Fame is a killer folks remember that it is fickle and eats people up. RIP old friend may you find peace wherever you are now.

  • Jessica

    Who cares how old you are.. That part was random lmao.. and i skipped the rest of your ''statement''

  • me

    I think it is a shame that this young man killed himself and I feel sorry for him. What I think is worse are the people on here are worried about the audience or themselves and care less bout the guy who shot himself. I say who gives a damn about you. Lets pray for the guy who shot himself. He done it because of cruel and careless people like you sickos.

  • Brianna

    These shows are terrible it's about instant fame culture. well this guy got instant fame didnt he?

  • Adam

    And what philosophical statement was that? You're an if you think this is commendable, and I've never seen a more looser use of the word art.

  • Gene Hall

    Why dont you shoot your self you dumb ass liberal bitch

  • Hope

    As a 16 year old girl, I would like to make the following comments:
    To the people that have properly shown their respects— I full-heartedly pay my respects to the lost soul, his friends, and family and wish the witnesses a blessed life with their loved ones.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Obama 2012-2016

    You stupid dumb republican you really have no clue do you. First do your research before mouthing off your BS . Obama has had nothing but trouble from the 8 years of Bush rule. 8 years of running the economy to the ground you asshole now its gonna take a lot more years to get the US back on the good foot. STFU and go cry in Bill O'Reilly's soup you faux news chomping prick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • American Constitutionalist

    Ok first off i didnt agree with a lot of things the bush admin. did, but for the people giving Obama credit for making "change" yeah, he made a "change alright. and for all of you that says he inherited this shit! you don't know jack! that's why he spent trillions in is "economic stimulus" that the majority of that money went to overseas companies to employ those people instead of his own citizens… in fact, the unemployment rate skyrocketed to almost 35%! oh and spending taxpayer money so that Michelle could take her grieving gynecologist to the Caribbean for a damn month! purchasing $6,800 jacket to wear one time! and so on….. and his health care reform? jesus christ! he's trying to turn the U.S. into a socialist country!, and he's not even a natural-born citizen. my hats off to the democratic party for the somewhat well-executed cover up… too bad his grandmother spilled the beans that he was born in Kenya…. so unless you know what's going on, don't shoot your mouth off until your brains are loaded.

  • Erin

    you have no right to say anything. did you know him personally? no. how do you know he even HAD family or friends? you don't. so you can't say ANYTHING

  • Droman

    For your information, all the financial problems this country, and the world, is having started way back with Ronald Reagan and his damn "Drip-Down Economics". Not to mention the Bushes.

    Obama inherited this mess and has done much better for the people than the asses who preceded him..

    It really gets my gall; all these people complaining that the President hasn't done anything. He's done plenty. The problem we're in took to over thirty years to create. It's not going away over night.

    Have someone read the paper to you, you illiterate moron.

  • Anonymous

    These comments are amazing! Awesome!

  • kiari jedi

    Good god! He did this in front of EVERYONE?! That's just another bad thing on a mountain of terrible. The poor guy must've been in a REALLY dark place if he wanted to die and make everyone witness.

  • Cole Taylor

    My heart goes out to this kid, Nobody knows what type of childhood he had to endure, Deppression and bi-polar is a serious health issue in this world. Makes me sick to my stomach to read some of these comments from such horrid individuals here. I can't believe the utter judgement of this broken soul. The hurt in his heart and the feeling of not be excepted in any groups. Deppression is a serious serious issue , I bet if you think about it and try not to be so judgmental you know of people that is afflicted and have family that has deppression. He didn't do it for art, that is utter stupidity on this thought. We live in a cruel world, its sad when see documentary on wild life. How the strongest and biggest kill and eat the smallest. I use to say how sad, these animals are not evil , there simply given instinct to stay alive and feed there young. Humans can be the evil monsters. Humans can be so evil ,from bullies to murders. You people that comment on how cool or what art , you need to take a good look in the mirror and know that someday some type of deppression can afflick you. This is a desease, not a act of selfishness. This kid probably didn't even have a family. Your suppose to love thy neighbor, never judge others and karma is a real deal. I have wonderful friends and family that suffer from this aweful thing. Believe me there NOT WEAK, there wonderful human beings with a chemical imbalance that is very hard to treat. The ones who bark the loudest are the ones that need help. Hate in this world is killing human's souls.

  • Really?

    I love this site its the British Onion fer sure…

  • Poopy McPants

    Yeah lets do it its gonna be great c'mon every one!

  • JEsus christ

    'He blew his brains out and he made an important philosophical statement right there'???? Are you sick in your head or what? That guy needed psychological help, that's all, people who think he did a good thing, make me puke. Sorry

  • Colin O

    Let's all rot in hell! C'mon!

  • Lol

    "Pouting cleavage" lolwhut.

  • ME

    You are full of crap or is this written by Obama himself. The reason why we are so far in debt is because of Obama. People need to wake up before it completely destroys this country!!

  • Aaronymous

    He blew his brains out and he made an important philosophical statement right there. Our existance on this planet, our mortality. This statement is one of the most profound pieces of art I have ever witnessed. He gave his life for art. Good heavens, we must applaud him. He should be remembered for eternity as one of the greatest artists who ever graced this world. Bravo and RIP.

  • Wulf

    How the fuck did all this become about America vs. the UK thats just dumb and stupid if you put in time to make fun of a country and try to make yours sound better you need to get a hobby try lacrosse or rugby

  • Emily

    All that a person who kills himself is thinking about is himself. If he cared about any witnesses, family, or friends, he wouldn't have done it. It really is shameful. 7 billion other people are going through their own problems, and his own selfishness has him pull the trigger, as if his problems are any worse.

  • lawson

    all your names came from us originally anyways you fucking moron.
    my name is tom, and yeah you play american football… you wear helmets and body armor, haha…
    we play rugby, without body armor.

  • bradisanidiot

    illegals can't vote you moron. You have to be a registered citizen to vote. are you really that stupid that you think people that aren't in the system can actually do anything accept take illegal jobs anyways. Nothing but cash under the table, and the reason they keep coming over and getting away with it is because they are willing to work harder than regular Americans

  • Thomas

    Nobody drives anyone to kill themselves, a person makes that choice for themselves. Bullying is not quite so huge an issue – it's more that people can no longer take it. People have been bullied for millenia, but in an entitlement culture, with parents telling kids they're awesome, even when the kids themselves know it's not true, they can't bear the teasing and badmouthing by people who really don't matter. Even more, this person (if true) exposed himself to ridicule by going on the show; can't say he didn't know what it would be like. I find it very hard to blame the judges.

    On the other hand, I'm appalled at people making jokes. If it's not true, it's still kind of heartless. If it is true, someone is dead. Show some respect – if not to him, then to the people he left behind.

    Entitlement indeed. Demand respect, withhold it from others. Nice culture you've got there.

  • ferfy79

    Why would we need anyone else to bash America we have enough Americans to do it for us. This article has nothing to do with your narrow minded point of view or your comments. A person shoot himself in front of other people… As for your not being that proud to be an American, your heritage did not start in America – so go back there. Us "redstates" are true to what this country was founded on and ran upon when it was a great country. It did not start to disintegrate until the "bluestaters" decided tha way things were being done wasn't pc enough. go buy a one plan ticket out here.
    I love this country – EVEN when I disagree with things happening in it.

  • SethAbel

    Ga 5:14 For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

  • nate

    I guess we know the last thing that went through his mind.. heheh. Natural selection at its finest weeding out the weak. Plus he probably wasn't liked, if none of his friends or family cared enough to inquire about his mental state prior to that, because there are always signs someone is thinking about suicide.

  • brad

    It is not a plan to keep America white you dumbass! It's a plan to keep illegal's from voting in our country! Do some research before talking trash. Sound like an Obama worshiper!!!

  • Leslie

    so did this guy die? or was it performance art? wtf was he thinking?

  • DankOctopus

    Well, I am a U.S citizen, only because I was born here. Everyone is being stereotypical. To say people are different just because of where they live is stereotyping… We're all the same. I don't personally like the people that are the head figures of my country, I also live in the south, I see all sorts of bible thumping narrow mindedness, how am I supposed to handle that, how do I get away from being stereotype to be the same "American" as them? ( I for one dislike the term American, because I want to say "which one?" ) I guess, you can't pick your parents! And there's no need to be negative towards one another. We're all humans, once we can see that's the big picture, and look up and see who are actually really different from us. I hope i'm alive for that day.

  • Kim

    Wow, Just reading these comments is amazing. I'm American. No technically I'am human. Who could care less to where I was born. I don't understand why people have to fight with each other. No one is better then anyone else no matter where they live. Oh and PHIL… I'm a Northerner… I have no clue what your statement was supposed to prove… So anyways… Hope you can all get over this. Have a wonderful evening!!

  • Jesse

    You are a horrible person. All you can think about is yourself when I man just killed himself? I hope you rot in hell.

  • Disgusting!

    I find suicide shameful and selfish this man caused a lot of grief to others by doing that in fromt of them. Hope he rots in hell

  • Sharon

    This is so awful that poor man. Why? RIP

  • jo smith

    dear lord

  • Lisa

    After reading all the venom spewing responses of these two supposedly "power countries"…..I am very glad that I am Canadian!!!!!


    Just because America is bigger it doesnt mean its richer!!! Even if everyone living in America gave $1.. we still would not be able to pay off our debt to China! The richer in America are becoming richer.. by buying off cheaper things from other countries looking after themselves and not giving a damn about the country and the lower classes that work as laborers to keep this country going. Yeah we got power, but by force. All we do is take over countries in which we have no business getting into. Why are we even at war with Iraq? With all the money and lives taken we could have invested in a better country and becoming one self supported country. Im just saying that America's not perfect…

  • ken

    get along you stupid fucks.

  • Annunziata

    Whether this happened or not is not the issue for me. What is the issue is that with the big movement here to stop bullying, somehow Simon Cowell thinks he and Pierce Moron are above the law by telling someone they are utterly useless AND even worse not accepting his apology. The guy tried and didn't do well. But is this a license for the rich and famous to drive him into a deep depression and kill himself? I think that all conestants should be screened as to their mental capacity for criticism AND I think judge, including that dipshit broad should be limited in how sarcastic and CRUEL their comments can be. AMEN.

  • Anonymous

    If that's in reply 2 my comment there's nothing wrong with the way I'm writing or my understanding of my own language I'm pretty sure I speak English well been doing it for 22 years never had any one tell me I can't speak, that's a bit of a dumb arse reply tbh really init hahaha awww shit u are special hahaha oh and I love how I don't insult any ones country but I still get shit, proves my point really

  • bob

    have to say ive been to the US and the UK and find the people there very nice, polite and friendly. In fact in most countries the general population are not members of the far right and get on well with other humans.
    The problem arises when people start the game of "racist tennis" shouting out ill educated, ill informed one sided racist right wing nationalist turd from both the UK and US side.

    Maybe use your passports, if you actually have one, and go find the world outside your own small piece of land.

  • bob

    The old UK vs US bashing going on here. The danger here is people all get tied up throwing mud at each other you will miss the fact that the world will move on shortly and bypass the US and the EU. Whilst the UK is on paper a better place to live (gun crime, murder, debt, quality of living, health etc are all higher marginally) the fact is that its was overtaken by the US many years ago as any sort of world power and I use that term loosely . Many factors made this happen the US via the Bretton Woods Agreement changed the exchange rate anchor from the Pound to the Dollar which allowed the US to print money on its reserves and effectively bankrupt the UK overnight. Trumans management of the Lend Lease at the end of the war was appalling as its was a deliberate attempt to financially crush the UK creating effectively a £1bn debt on top of the existing £1bn of war debt. The UK GDP at the time was £250m. No help was given to the UK to rebuild after the war so the costs spiraled.

    Now to the US who should learn from thier previous own behavior. The US debt is massive and has large portions ( $5 Trillion) of it owned by China, Russia, OPec, Brazil, Japan, Mexico outside of US hands. Much of the US internal debt is owned by Pensions, Local and federal Govt and the largest element is owned by US Citizens about $14 Trillion. The only way the US can service the debt is through Quantitative Easing, foreign reserves and the selling of its debt.

    If any of these countries changes the global exchange rate anchor which is a huge possibility as the US debt is so high it cannot service it anymore and therefore the value of its securities will be reduced. If this happens the US would meet a very similar, if not worse fate to the UK. No currency anchor, no quantitative easing, worthless treasury bonds will mean no ability to pay for imports like crude oil.
    About 70% of all the US crude oil is imported mainly from OPEC, South America and Canada.
    No crude oil no industry, no military, no power.
    As with all "super" powers they come to an end and re-invent themselves as a shadow of their former selves. It will only be a matter of time for the US as much of the worlds industry and wealth is now flowing to Brazil, CEE, China and India and not bothering to use the US and the EU as manufacturing bases anymore. The power is shifting or has already done so.
    I have to top my hat to Obama who is the only US president to see the change and act on it before its too late.

  • Anonymous

    Why don't you limeys write in English. You can't even write your own lingo. That's just pathetic.

  • PenguinMagik

    You are showing that a great number of Americans are ignorant bigots, very counter to your own argument.

    Your obvious judgment & disdain of "red-staters" is repugnant & only shows your own bigoted, narrow thinking.

  • big tony

    lol real sports…..we play rugby u pussies need fucking protection :)….come bk when your less retarded….and as for baseball thats just rounders with a bigger bat….. our women play that

  • notasheep

    I wholeheartedly agree with your post. My kids have online friends from all over the world and a lot of the kids think that all Americans are racist, sexist, bigoted a@@holes. It is clear, since the "secret plan" of the GOP has been revealed that they have put in place the outrageous anti-immigration laws, redistricting, voter id requirements, all in an attempt to keep America a WHITE majority. (Does anyone remember what the plan of the Nazis was?) They do not want minorities to vote because they normally vote for Democrats. Additionally, they want to end public education so that poor white people, as well as minorities will be uneducated and more easily manipulated. When people have no education, no training, etc. they will happily take any menial job they can find. The only kids that will be educated in this country will be rich kids who will be able to attend private schools. Charter schools are already pretty exclusive, they will just make it that much harder to get in. There will be no scholarships for college for poor kids…they don't need no education. Again, an uneducated majority is easier to control. The rich already control the majority of the wealth in this country and the majority of our politicians. I look at my children every day and think how sorry I am that I brought them into this mess.

  • Anonymous

    Not guna sit here n say shit about Americans because I'm not a child or jus simply a strange angry little person (even though some on here are making them selfs look ridicules) but seriously sort your life out and go get a job or some shit! Stop spending your life bitching about people you don't no, in a different fucking country for NO!! Reason (n I bet it ain't the first time you don't it either ay hahahaha) I swear I clicked 4 a video about a guy supposedly off-ing im self…..seen about 3 comments about the actual video :-/ weird ay

  • SH

    That place name thing is so annoying (and narcissistic). Appoquinimink. Chappaquiddick. Dakota. Minnesota. Massachusetts. Connecticut. Choptank. Sassafras. Chesapeake. Appamattox. Assateague. Chincoteague. Syracuse. Ohio. Tennessee. Mississippi. The list of non-European places names is very, very long, but I'll stop here because I know you get the point.

    To most of the Americans making comments here: Please stop being so obnoxious. It's humiliating for the rest of us. Some of us live abroad and have to live down the reputation you earn for us. By the way…this article isn't about us, like most other things.

  • noely

    you have names like brett and doyle

  • Brett Arizona

    You Brits don't even have real sports. You got soccer girls play that in the US Men play football. We play baseball you play cricret. WTF is that shit? Pussies!!!!!!

  • Bloody hell where's my cup of tea!

    Your actually accusing some one of stereotyping and being ignorant ect and see the way your talking about a country you have probably never been to, I will never understand people who comment on "people of a country" from crap you have seen on tv, I'm English…you don't no me sitting on your pc talking about "British people" pfft who the fuck do you think you are ohh wait they call you people trolls don't they and people like you wonder Why other people from other countries stereotype, you make your self look stupid and like a dick head to be honest!……grow up!

  • apb

    Rob you are unfortunately the face of America and just the very reason why so many people view the USA in a dim light possibly unfairly.

    Your total lack of education shines through. I mean how can you not know what the UK invented , its not like the steam engine was unimportant. The Industrial revolution was a fairly big thing, crop rotation, the jet engine, radar, you might have heard of Concorde also ? How about antiseptic, vulcanised rubber I could go on….

    Everyone is patriotic to a degree, nothing wrong with that but pull your head out of your butt. The world does not revolve around the US nor the UK. The world have moved on a great deal since. UK no longer rules the world as it once did the the biggest empire ever. Good news is our food is top notch as it is influenced by our colonial past.

    Re the teeth, big deal, I think in the UK we're more concerned about not being an overweight sack of crap and not being an uneducated moron where as you probably think having white teeth solves it all.

    Oh and thanks for screwing the whole world economy with your sub prime market.

    Also one quick question what percentage of your population speak Spanish ?

  • stevo

    "I'm American and you sir, are an idiot and stereotyping is ignorant—typical of the UK though, unfortunately"
    Ummm isn't that you complaining about stereotyping being ignorant and then doing exactly the same thing by making a stereotypical comment about the UK? Do you work for Fox news? Sounds like you're a fan of theirs. They are about as good as it gets for contradicting themselves in the same sentence.
    Looks like you need to be more careful when it comes to calling others idiots. Oh, and are Americans the only ones who haven't realised that their time has come and gone. Be about the shortest lived empire the world has ever seen. Learn to speak Mandarin, they own you baby..

  • Phil

    Everyone, I'd like to apologize. You see, Northerners are uneducated, entitlement demanding brats who think they are entitled to your money. The males get especially angry when women visit the South and get knocked up. Oh, and they are also douche bags. The Southern states have a better lifestyle and are least messed with than preppy Northerners.

    The end.

  • Anonymous

    How did this comment section turn into one pitting America against the world?

    I remember once someone asked me if I was "proud to be an American". This was sometime after Bush took office and sometime after 9/11 when some of the excesses of the war on terrorism were starting to take effect. I remember thinking for a minute. Before Bush and 9/11, I wouldn't have had to think about it at all. But even then, I was still proud to be American though not as proud as I used to be.

    That was before Abu Ghraib and the financial collapse and the tea party and the do nothing congress, etc. etc. etc.

    It wasn't long ago when the US was the leader of the world economically, militarily, and we were probably also acknowledged to be the leader of democracy. The world trusted us – that we had the power, intelligence, and that the American people would democratically do the right thing. America was just the leader – a bit arrogant and ignorant, but generally good people. If there HAD TO BE a world leader, I think we would have had the unanimous vote. It has since then become apparent that America is not nearly as powerful economically, democratically, or morally as we had been previously thought. We still have the military might, but the world no longer trusts us to do the right thing.

    As another poster mentioned, the US has now been divided up into the "red states" and "blue states". The redstaters are the uneducated, bible thumping, gun toting, believers in unregulated capitalism and a government that is limited to protecting only those particular values. Whereas the bluestaters have differing beliefs, but are united in their belief that we cannot count on God and unfettered capitalism to solve all problems.

    But for those non-Americans out there reading these posts, we're not all like these ignorant redstaters. Us bluestaters are just more quiet for now. The redstaters are just angry because all their policies based on faith in God and capitalism and denial of education and science was falling apart and Obama took over before their policies had a chance to "succeed" (or plunge us into an abyss we could never recover from).

    I'm still proud of America's past. I'm on the fence about whether I'm proud of America today.

  • Bernside

    At least we can have our picture taken without breaking the lens. Do you
    have dental care? Gross!

  • Anonymous

    I can't come up with any words for you except just plain stupid. Btw I'm neither American nor am I British.

  • me

    I'm American and you sir, are an idiot and stereotyping is ignorant—typical of the UK though, unfortunately. Every country has its share of morons…your country thrives on it. Are you really having an argument about who has more original television?! Gimme a break—your programming is horrible, the seasons are too short, the acting is worthless, and your country isn't very pretty—and if they are…they come here (also, the rich and talented flee your country and come to our beautiful land…that's how bad it sucks lol). You don't hear of people leaving America to go to the UK for a better life—and for good reason.

  • Anonymous

    excuse me Jason… just to say a comment like that is sincerely cruel in an of itself… while there are a lot of rude comments don't assume they are all from the south and don't assume everyone from the south is what you portray it to be. I am from the south and damn proud of it… so check yourself because thing like you've said are just wrong and hurt to

  • Mike

    Haha, I remember when someone once said that you can find any video or post on the internet and you'll see someone arguing about America. I thought it wasn't true…

  • ObviousTrollisObvious

    Viva Mexico! 😀

  • Jason Thompson an American I would like to apologize for the comments I have seen here. You see, America is really two countries now. One, the uneducated South, Midwest and "Bible Belt" that are (literally) praying for a return to the 50's, when gays and women "knew their place", education was WAY low on the list for THEM, and their world consists of a 40 mile radius around their trailer park.

    This event never happened

  • D. Martin

    You are actually quite under-developed…we used to talk with an "american" accent…then we got in a boat, found America, colonised it with our people then continued life. We moved on in so many ways, your voices didn't even change much. You know all your places, like New York? that's named after a place here…called York. and Birmingham? yeah, that place is here too. Pretty much everywhere there is named after something from here. Many of your TV programmes originated here and we have a health care system that although we moan about is actually fantastic, your's allows young children to die because their parents are gay or poor, we all get free treatment no matter what. Good for you on the space programme, shame Russia was better, and good for you about the army…but who asks for help from the British when they go to war these days? (that'd be America by the way). And yes you have some lovely looking women, I've seen the photo shopped images in your trashy magazines. And you're correct, boiled (I'm assuming that's how you meant to spell it…because American's are intelligent folk) potatoes and cabbage isn't for everyone, I hate the stuff, I'd rather have bangers and mash, pie, curry, burgers and chips, southern fried chicken, Hershey bars…and diabetes for my amazing scientific medical health care professionals to deal with…and to finish off, it's not a garbage dump, nor a trash can…it's simply rubbish. Like your knowledge of Britain and what we did for you and continue to do for you everyday. How do they say it in America?…oh yeah "Have a nice day now!!"

  • dumbass yanks

    Rob you thick yank bastard if you really believe all that then you seriously need to sort your head out and learn some world history. Its close minded yank fucks like you that think america is so great and everything came from there that really get on my nerves. The UK used to rule over america, it was part of the British empire until you decided to take it for yourselves. And about money! the British pound is the highest rated currency in the world you are only richer because your country is a lot bigger than ours, now if the UK were the same size as america then it would be a different matter completely, also how do you have better health care? in america you have to have insurance to get treated in hospital and if you don't you are not treated, what sort of health care is that? Oh and about crushing the UK in less than a day you can't crush the Taliban in over 10 years so somehow I don't think that you can crush us in less than a day when compared to the Taliban the UK have a lot bigger and more trained army we have a navy (the best in the world) and an air force aswell so don't come with all that bullshit cause its not true. Oh and about inventing things here is a link to things ENGLISH people have invented and that's not including welsh, Scottish and Irish inventors SO STFU.!!

  • Johnette
    Urban legend…There was no such vote. The bill proposed printing laws in both languages.

  • Conor

    Oh dear. Oh dear.
    "America is a bigger better richer country then the uk."
    The only correct statement there is bigger. The second is subjective, and the third only because of the first. However your GDP per capita is actually less than the UK. So if the USA had the same population as the UK and the same wealth, only then would it be richer.
    "We have more stuff better technology and health care thne you. We have more military power and more hot looking women then you."
    More stuff, again, is only due to the first point of the last statement. Better technology is not correct, you only think you do. Your health care isn't better than ours. I've done some research and found that your population has to pay for a lot of it's healthcare, and in a lot of cases you have to travel vast, and highly inconvenient, distances to receive it. Judging on that I would say that Britain has a better healthcare system. You have a larger army sure, but our Navy is still unrivaled today as the best in the world because of our tactics and our training. Our skill outweighs your numbers. The same goes for our pilots and ground forces. We have a more tactical force.

    "We can crushh you guys in less then a day with our force economics and army. So STFU. You invented nothing. We pwn you in all things, Science, space travel, money and food."
    Actually you wouldn't be able to 'crush' us in less 'than' a day. This travels back to the point made before. We invented nothing? Try industry. Britain started the industrial revolution. Try the train, my ancestor (of whom I am a direct descendant) invented that in Great Britain. Try the tank, we invented that during World War 1. The USA has invented less. Space flight? Germans actually invented the first space rocket. Nuclear bomb? The mastermind behind was in fact German.

    "British food is disgusting what you guys eat makes me puke you with ur boled potato and cabbage. We got real food here and it tastes great. I seen one of ur supermarkets that like one aisle in America."
    British food has an interesting quality to it. It's called being good for you. Market research into food typically eaten by members of both countries shows that American food is high in carbs, fat, and sodium. This means that eating it too often (which I suspect you do) can have serious health risks, from obesity to type-II diabetes to High blood pressure which leads to heart disease and heart failure. That is not real food. Your food is processed and added to until it's the culinary equivalent of a Homeopathic 'remedy'. British food (on most counts) is organically sourced from local areas, before being cooked. Nothing else, just cooked and then eaten. Sure we put a big of salt or other condiments on it, but that's it. Having a big supermarket means nothing except that you have a bigger population for one supermarket to attend to. Looking at the population spread of the USA and it's towns, I can see this as being the primary reason for big supermarkets.

    "UK is Fourth world. Not Third world or Turd world full of muslims. You can take ur British teeth and ugly women and stick em down a garbage dump."
    And here is the crux of it all. The few poorly constructed sentences that allow me to say that your entire argument should be thrown out and ignored. You lower yourself to insults, racism and stereotyping. In doing so I feel it undermines your entire argument about being 'better' because you are clearly not.



  • Anonymous

    Some of the American input on this video has been ridiculously juvenile and unneccasarily patriotic [as well as wrong a lot of the time].

  • sam


    i think this concisely disproves your point:

    stop being a close-minded bigot

  • nobody

    lol, this comment is awesome hahahahaa have not heard that much bullshit in forever, great!

  • Conor

    I concur James. This damned American 'intellectual' can't even properly use the very language he claims HE gave US. Sorry Mr. 'Duke' but you are wrong on every level.


    TheDuke you dumb cunttt. "we should have let you all get dicked by the krauts. LOLOLOL!!! Loosers!!!!" <<<— only a silly retarded brainwashed child that has no clue about how thier own country operates would make such a comment. I'll definately won't be getting wid da program you're on because you just don't have a clue about anything. You're the lowerclass like many others and the politians are the higher class so you may carry on working for your masters and making clueless ignorant comments because that is what they want, loosers to be calling other people loosers. THATS THE PROGRAM SON.

  • dammed

    Just to set the record straight, both americans and english are complete fucking retards! And if your too fuckin thick to believe it just ask anyone who isnt from america or britain, u's both think the world revolves around u when in fact the rest of the world thinks u to be cocky arrogant assholes who stick their noses in where its not wanted

  • greggers

    Think mean America got talent was a rip of our Britains got talent. Like all you other tv programmes. Fat stupid yank

  • rob

    America is a bigger better richer country then the uk. We have more stuff better technology and health care thne you. We have more military power and more hot looking women then you. We can crushh you guys in less then a day with our force economics and army. So STFU. You invented nothing. We pwn you in all things, Science, space travel, money and food. British food is disgusting what you guys eat makes me puke you with ur boled potato and cabbage. We got real food here and it tastes great. I seen one of ur supermarkets that like one aisle in America. UK is Fourth world. Not Third world or Turd world full of muslims. You can take ur British teeth and ugly women and stick em down a garbage dump .

  • james

    ……. so the fact that english won out over german as the national language of america by one vote in congress doesnt really mean anything to you… if it wasnt for us you'd be speaking german….you moron


    You limey assholes need to get wit da program. If it wasnt for us y'all be speaking German. So show some repect to your saviors. fricking pinheads. But maybe you would be better off with the krauts huh..look at ur cuntry now? It's worse than Third World we should have let you all get dicked by the krauts. LOLOLOL!!! Loosers!!!!

  • Anonymous

    knob yank

  • Dumb americans

    You americans think that everything is ripped off from something american. When in fact, your country is pretty much a ripoff from england and spain. Britains got talent came before Americas got talent (which it doesnt), and also when people say "as american as apple pie"…. you think no one thought of putting apples in pies before you? despite the fact that every other society is over 2000 years older than yours.

  • James

    Pierce Moron hehe.. what a spelling fail

  • burgeburge

    you fucking spastic, you american scum, u know nothing of use English, now climb out the fucking hole youve been living in, pull your dick out your mothers ass, and go back to school.



  • Bro

    dude, there is a video on it.
    maybe u shud research and use google b4 saying that

  • Pete

    Just an FYI, "Britain's got talent" is not a rip off. "America's got talent' is part of the 'Got talent' Format invented and owned by Simon Cowell (British).

  • unknown

    no,no……i think they got it right

    lol 🙂

  • j

    Maybe there's no video because IT DID'NT HAPPEN!!! Idiots. And why are some people lying and saying they saw it live? There would have been a news article from a halfway reputable site if this had really happened. Also, Britain's Got Talent (which is a ripoff of America's Got Talent) would be getting their asses slammed by the press. Unless…England really is a third world country? I wouldn't know cause I haven't been their.

  • USMC


  • supppp.

    love is stronger than words.

  • wendy

    Simon should have gotten the bullet. And ur accent is awful. Bloody hell.

  • paul rockett

    those who commented asking for videos and making daft comments want to get a life

  • Tango

    Did this really happen? Someone told me about it just today. There is no video clip of this that I can find. Could you send this to me?

  • Margot

    I can't believe they let someone do that on the show. I feel so sad for our society. 🙁

  • american

    Maybe you should think about how many millions of people are in america you asshole not everybody's a dick fuck you

  • Mary

    Anybody else notice that it's says Pierce Moron (not Morgan)

  • Twio

    LOL UK is a first world country, as are Australia and New Zealand and many others.

  • random1

    @zizou, WOW, your grammar and spelling are immaculate for someone who is such a douche.

    By the way, there should be a space between Knob and Head (I guess you're not used to having distance between these 2 organs anatomically so you feel it is common place in the english language not to have the grammatical gap.)

  • Robert

    It isn't. It's a continent.

  • Anonymous1

    I think him shooting himself on that horrid show is a comment on how banal and meaningless society is now. Simon Cowell has made everything disposable by holding the carrot of instant fame in front of all the brainwashed sheeple.

  • JJ

    Cold War origin: 1st world = the West; 2nd World = the Communist East; 3rd World = the rest. Don't call someone else ignorant if you don't know the answer yourself.

  • Anonymous

    You are really retarded psyccccchhhhooooo

  • Jules

    I can't believe he did that? What is this world coming to. I'm scared for our futurr and they think this is entertainment…….sick bastards!

  • Crazybasementstalker

    Well yes, yes he is young man. He has passed on, this person is no more. He has cease to be. He's expired and has gone to meet his maker. He's a stiff, ripped of life. He rests in peace! If he didn't shoot himself, he'd be pushing up daisies! His metabolic processes are now history! He's offed the twig! He's kicked the bucket! He's shoveled off the mortal coil! Ran down the curtain and joined the freaking quire invisible! This is an EX-PERSON!

  • Tomas

    Send me the like

  • Jazza

    I don't even count America as a country….

  • stephen

    yeah really, you fuckin dimwits, you want a video of someone shooting themselves, make a home video, fuckin tools

  • Robert

    Actually, it's a 2nd World Country. Only the US and Japan are part of the first World. You rude and very ignorant dumbass!

  • Mickey

    These replies are some of the funniest content on the site.

  • joe

    did he die? o.o

  • zizou

    Dubai is not a country u knobhead

  • amanda

    send video plz

  • Anonymous

    its first world asshole.

  • Anonymous

    what is wrong with you people?

  • miranda

    cool? you think that someone shooting himself in the head on live tv is COOL? you are sick and honestly need to sort out your priorities.

  • eduarda

    is there anyway you can send me that video?

  • michael b

    plz may you send me that vid ive been searching for hours

  • izzy

    mind sharing the video?

  • dylan unrau

    This may have happened on television. This was live. The image is of a man playing Russian Roulette on Britains Got Talent.. And it doesn't really matter if you beleive me, because i have the video on my hardrive.

  • Rory

    Your name is dude. You can't spell and use comma splices and are thus deemed an idiot. Deal with it.

  • joe

    hahaah! poor pippa….

  • Dude

    you're name is pippa. you live in a third world country, deal with it.

  • Anonymous


  • Shane

    Sad but true, this did in fact happen on live tv. The judges got splattered with brain fragments. Saw the unedited version, trippy to say the least.

  • something

    Which episode was this?
    NO WAY this happened on live tv.

  • Jason B

    Actually Britain is second 2 world not third world

  • Post

    Poor Amanda Holden and Pierce Moron i'm sure they did'nt expect that to happen… 🙁

  • Mike

    @Connie.. Really? Great Britain is 3rd world? Really? Do you know what that means? Britain is by no means 3rd world nation, and is indeed a first world nation. 3rd world, or the quantitative measure of valuing a nation by it's "worldliness" comes from The Cold War, and it was an attempt to distinguish one country from another by means of viewing which one was either Capitalist, Communist, or neither. A 1st World Nation being the US, and any of it's [capitalist] allies, a 2nd world designated as USSR / allies, and 3rd world being non-affiliated, neutral, or potential communists.

    It just so happens that many 3rd world nations have a much larger gap between their super poor and ultra wealthy because they are either under a dictatorial regime that does not promote such general wealthiness as viewed in any first world nation. Moreover, many of the worlds "3rd world" nations are some of the richest nations in the world (Dubai, Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc…).

    Not to be a jerk, but let's not look at a duck, and call it a horse.

  • pippa

    its not a third world country

  • ciara


  • Connie

    Such BS!! There is NO WAY that somebody did that for real!!! Britain is 3rd world but C'MON!!! LOL

  • Darren

    I would have preferred it if he had first shot Pierce Morgan. Now THAT would've been entertainment..

  • Marki

    He would have killed himself any way. The show was his way of sharing it with the world. Now whose the sicko.

  • rachel

    It's terrinble just think he thought he wuz doing something nice a bit o entertainment who knows?

  • hazza

    I love the expression on his face, its as if he wants to really impress the judges. If this is the future of television i'm out, i'd rather switch off.

  • Malcom Sorrenson

    Actually that looks like an automatic pistol and NOT a revolver as this article suggests. What kind of reporters does this sham of a website have? Idiots!

  • karly

    just goes to show the sickness of our society where people are baying for videos of people killing themselves. sick people///

  • LOL

    OMFG That is SOOOO cool where is the vid for this???!?

  • Angela

    At least he's got a smile on his face. Perhaps he was playing a prank and it went horribly wrong. My condolenses to the family of the man. Very sad story. :((

  • Chris

    I am truly disgusted that this was allowed to happen on live TV..

  • wtf

    where is the video.. this show is normaly live

  • Billy

    That poor bastard. These types of shows are so demeaning and soulless. I hope Simon Cowell was happy for himself and he made more millions sick animal…