Trump: “Twenty Bucks For Every Hispanic Shot Near Mexico Wall”

TRUMP WALL - USA - The new president of the United States, is moving with breakneck speed in stopping illegal immigrants from Mexico and South America coming over the border.


Donald Trump’s Great Wall will have an added bonus for guards manning the towers.

Anyone within a hundred metres from the wall will get shot, and the shooter gets $20 per Hispanic.

“Border guards can supplement their salary by shooting as many as they want daily. Like shoot twenty a day and we give you $400. Now that’s a good incentive right there, on top of your regular pay check. Keep going and by the end of the year you can buy a Porsche with the money. I want to insentivize staff, bring in some entrepreneurial spirit to keeping these criminals out of our country.”

We got the bullets just keep firing

The new bonus scheme is going well, already thousands of Mexicans have been stopped from crossing the porous borders, and with the upcoming deportations which will take place in many cities, soon the U.S. should be Mexican free.

“At the rate we’re getting rid of Mexicans you won’t be able to buy a burrito in California. I mean can you imagine that? Already, 98% of Los Angeles has disappeared. Here in San Diego nearly 99% is gone. The other day I was walking down the street and did not see one Hispanic. Not one. Before Trump, you didn’t see anyone but Hispanics,” Earl Trout, 48, a car salesman from Encinetas told LA Week.