Civil War: Trump 37 Votes Away From Not Becoming President

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Donald Trump may have thought he had the presidency in the bag, but there are ill winds blowing over his momentous non-win.



GOP insiders reveal what’s really going down with the electoral college.

“The founding fathers thought long and hard about an emergency brake when they came up with the electoral college. That’s why Trump is going to get a nice surprise when 37 electors block his presidency. No one thought that Trump would win, but now he has, we have other ways of blocking this nutcase from becoming president. Sure, it will go to Congress afterwards, and that’s when we will do the same,” a GOP insider revealed on Tuesday.

What would the consequences of such an action be? Well, there are multiple scenarios, however it is safe to say there would be civil war, martial law declared in most U.S. cities, and most certainly the national guard on the streets.

Obama, could very well be America’s last president, as predicted by a blind gypsy woman somewhere in Eastern Europe a few years back.

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