Think Tank: Nuclear Fallout Preferable to 1.6 Billion Chinese People Polluting the Earth

LONDON - England - The GENESIS PROJECT, a leading UK Think Tank, has come to the conclusion that nuclear fallout around the world is a small price to pay and is preferable to 1.6 billion Chinese people breeding and polluting the atmosphere further.

“What do the Chinese contribute to the world apart from cheap shoddy trinkets that break after the first touch, mass pollution and horrible human rights dictated by evil robotic brutality? The barbarity and hideousness of the Chinese regime is an afront to decent human civilisation and should be stamped out. America should ‘nuke’ China once and for all and neutralise this parasite on the earth’s surface and environment. Without the complete obliteration of this menace we will all sooner or later be overrun. The problem is not Islamic fundamentalism, it is China, and if the American leadership had one ounce of honour and bravery, they would nuke the Chinese immediately,” professor Gareth Higgins, senior research fellow for the institute said.

The Chinese authorities have been stockpiling nuclear weapons for some time and have increased their military capability a thousand fold thanks to the profits gained from being the world’s premier junk goods manufacturer.

The Yangtze river is a symbol of what China has done to the environment

“The vast swathes of land in China dedicated to producing cheap, dangerous junk products for the West are all produced by slave labour. The Communist regime is the workhorse for greedy ruthless Western businesses who exploit Chinese slave labour to make huge profits. If we for one second consider the amount of pollution created by China in one day, or the hulking pollution spouting ships that deliver their poisonous payload to our Western shops, we would be appalled that it is allowed to carry on. While you buy your cheap trinkets and useless material objects, just think to yourself how you are supporting a China that is not only the biggest polluter on earth but the most incursive threat to the West. Their sole raison d’etre is conquest, and believe you me, they have the Western world firmly in their sights. We are an easy target for these godless parasites who will overrun us like termites. I put it to you, those of you who have one ounce of intelligence left in your brains: the threat from the Middle East is minimal compared to what will come from the Far East. What’s a few nutty Islamic fundamentalists when you’ve got 1.6 billion people all working in tandem against you and the earth?” the professor added.

Lee Pellin, another co-author of the report, said that the problem of the increasing Chinese populations would get a lot worse in the next ten years, a problem that would have to be addressed sooner or later by world leaders.

Pellin said other factors would also be considered. For example, China’s planned incursion into Taiwan, which could be the precursor for strategic nuclear conflict against China or maybe a more effective virus that could deal with the problem more efficiently and safely.