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Payday: Thousands of Women Claim Affair With Tiger Woods

FLORIDA - USA - Queues of women were stretching for three blocks around an Orlando based lawyers office to claim they had an affair with the multi-millionaire golfer.

Tiger Woods was braced for new trouble tonight amid reports that at least two thousand
women are set to go public with claims that they had affairs with the
world’s highest-earning sportsman.

Piece of the action

“He’s all mine,” shouts Janine Malfolio, 34, as she pulls another woman’s hair and an ensuing cat fight starts.

It’s the queue for the local Florida lawyers office Crump and Co. and the action is coming fast and quick as the multiple TV studios vie for the best shots of the competing women.

“Who gets the prize? We’ve got thousands of women here all claiming to have had an affair with Tiger Woods. It’s some serious shit I tell you,” one of the lawyers at the firm told CNN.

The famous golfer remained deep in the bunker in his Florida home today. He has denied an affair
with the thousands of women, condemned “the many false, unfounded and malicious rumours”
surrounding last week’s crash, and described the episode as a private
matter with the world’s media.

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  1. The ladies must support their positions. Check Tiger’s score cards to see if any record a … HO IN ONE.

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