Experts Warn Experts About Experting Expert Advice

LONDON - England - Experting levels in expertise amongst many experts utilised by the world's media experts have been called into question by some leading experts say experts.

There have been rumblings of discontent in the expert industry which dominates the world’s mainstream media.

Many experts are now agitated at the astounding level of expertise being released from experts worldwide. The Labour government in the UK is leading the push into the expert industry and is increasing expert advice in all media forms daily.

“We’ve got a surplus of experts at the moment who are doling out increased levels of expertise that has frankly exhausted the public’s taste for expert expertise. Open any mainstream newspaper or magazine and you will be inundated with experts. I’ve never seen so many bloody experts blabbering on and on with expert knowledge that is 99% of the time completely f*cking useless,” Professor Gerald McManus, an expert on experts at the University of Scunthorpe told a panel of experts yesterday.

Expert Solutions

Worldwide experts in all fields of expertise are now demanding more rights to spout more expert advise to all and sundry.

“We are petitioning the Association of Experts, Expertise and Experting to push down peoples throats more expert knowledge. Maybe compulsory orders so people have to listen to our expert advice daily. We are experts in our field so we should be listened to. Our expertise is something that should not be ignored and should be adhered to by all. We are here to guide you through your meaningless lives where you cannot think for yourselves and have no understanding of how things work. We are your experts and will tell you how to do everything. Please just sit back and listen to our expert advise, you don’t even need to think, just listen,” Joel Hamer, an expert in shoehorns and 18th century shoelaces told the BBC.

  • Expert on experts

    Why are so many experts often proved to be wrong at a later date?Is there a financial adviser in the country? No more boom and bust?No more common sense? Individuals must have their mind made up for them to enable a world of clones?A question mark hangs over every experts motive.Altruism/vested interests?Perhaps one should be an expert in qustioning everything or everyone claiming to be an expert.

  • ZenithB

    There must eventually be devised a real test to separate great experts from mediocre ones. This test will be one that shows how quickly candidates can get designated Haringey Council officials off their backsides in an emergency. Those who have benefited from this treatment will be among the examiners, so no further testimony will be required for other councils that may need experts for all purposes.