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BNP Leader Nick Griffin Thanks Brown For EU Win

LONDON - England - Britain's Fascist group, the BNP, thanked Gordon Brown personally for handing over a taxpayer funded term in office yesterday.

BNP National-Socialist and architect of the British Reich, Nick Griffin was jubilant yesterday when Gordon Brown personally handed him a trophy to commemorate his victory at the European polls.

“I am pleased to be honoured by Gordon Brown’s Labour party. Thanks to Labour’s unfettered open-door policy of immigration which has stretched services to the limit and swamped the whole of the British Isles with immigrants from third world countries, we have received a huge boost in the European polls. Although the European Union is a Soviet system, our Fascist policies will be integrated very easily because there is very little difference between our ideologies.

“The BNP has great plans for implementing racial cleansing and eugenics policies as well as the compulsory expulsion/neutralisation of
all ni**ers, jews, p*kis, ch*nks and any other non-aryan race from the UK and
Europe. Gordon Brown, can rest assured that his government was instrumental in bringing forth the new era of Fascism across Britain.

“We must start making provisions to implement a more efficient way of disposing of the untermensch. Plans are being drawn for Europe’s largest Zyklon-B factory which we can deliver to the gas chambers in all the cities. Our plans will also implement those of Reinhard Heydrich, whose excellent technique in neutralising undesirables all those years ago will come into good use today.”

European Union gulags will be fitted with specially designed shower rooms and will be working night and day according to BNP Brownshirts who were present at Number 10 yesterday.

“It’s going to be a gas,” MEP Nick Griffin added.

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